7th January.

8 January 2012

I decided to dress my chav boyfriend yesterday (he's not really one, but he dresses a lot like one) and then I borrowed his coat.
He's not used to outfit pictures being taken, so he pulled faces! 

But he's cute.

Me on the other hand...I'm just naturally awkward.

That's one of the shirts I got in Milan - I haven't worn it since I purchased it!

6th January.

7 January 2012

I got this jumper for a bargain of £7, can't really see how good it is in the picture though!

I fear I may be ridiculed for the shirts as they are actually my boyfriends boxers that he didn't want! I used to lounge about in them thinking they're make great shorts, so yesterday I buit the bullet and just wore them as shorts! I do look rather frumpy in this picture though. It looked better, I just have no other pictures...!

Eyes bigger than my stomach.

4 January 2012

Christmas and new years have only result in me stuffing my face.
See here for the yummiest part of it all!

two is better than none.

3 January 2012

New years - I wish I'd actually taken some of me out!

Bargain dress from h&m for £3!
Also got one in black.

Things to point out:
1 - I wish I was better at remembering to take pictures! After a slow start I'll pick it up again or just make my boyfriend do it.
2 - I'm putting on weight - all that eating in Italy has made my body change!


2 January 2012

My boyfriend went home for Christmas and brought us back home-made brown bread baked by his mum and we had this delicious breakfast!

Happy New Year Bloggers!

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