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22 February 2016

Nails on Pinterest

18 February 2016

I have a huge obsession with nails, well more like other people's nails because I can never be bothered to do my nails. I love the idea of nail varnish and have loads of them but I'm forever too lazy to apply them, when I do apply them and they start to chip I then become far too lazy to take them off. When I do take them off,  I'm then too lazy to apply then and so goes the cycle. In the past six months I've alternated between using falsies from Primark and nail varnish and it's been great, but I still haven't been regularly with attention to my nails. If anything my move into falsies have just resulted in my acquiring more nail products that will take me ages to use.

Review: LA Girl Pro Concealer + Corrector

14 February 2016

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