Quiet mind

Monday, 22 February 2016

Over the weekend I hit a road block. I'm not sure what I'd describe it has, but if I was to hazard a guess I'd say, some sort of mind numbing fog that left me incapable of much. I didn't respond to messages and barely did much with myself except play games and watch TV shows. I had some not so good news, and whilst it's not the end of the world it certainly has thrown me a bit and I guess my brain didn't really know how to handle it, aside from to shut down completely. I did however managed to find some things here and there, that afforded me little moments of clarity and helped to clear the fog.


I'm surprised I've never mentioned Sarah on this blog because she's my favourite yoga teacher. Finding a teacher you like is really important and Sarah's videos are so varied and amazing. For this one you won't do more than 4-5 moves, it's more about your breathing and meditation but it really works. P.S if you like this video - I have a whole playlist here for yoga & exercise videos here.  
  • Headspace
  • Reach out (if you can, slice through the fog)

Wishing you all a great week!
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Nails on Pinterest

Thursday, 18 February 2016

I have a huge obsession with nails, well more like other people's nails because I can never be bothered to do my nails. I love the idea of nail varnish and have loads of them but I'm forever too lazy to apply them, when I do apply them and they start to chip I then become far too lazy to take them off. When I do take them off,  I'm then too lazy to apply then and so goes the cycle. In the past six months I've alternated between using falsies from Primark and nail varnish and it's been great, but I still haven't been regularly with attention to my nails. If anything my move into falsies have just resulted in my acquiring more nail products that will take me ages to use.

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to nails because there are so lovely nails out there and some talented nail artists! I think it's fun to look at this stuff, so thought I'd share some of the nail inspiration. I have been wanting to do this post for ages, but it's only until my friend mentioned we should get our nails done for New York, did I then sit down and set about to write it - I hope you enjoy!

all sources can be found via my pinterest board

Are you a falsies or nail varnish girl?

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Review: LA Girl Pro Concealer + Corrector

Sunday, 14 February 2016

So I'm back to finally review these products after giving them a good go. As mentioned in my previous post, I had already tried to the corrector, but I have tried it some more since then and now have a solid idea about it.

Swatches (L-R) Orange Corrector, Fawn and Dark Cocoa

LA Girl Pro Concealer Orange Corrector - Correctors are great to use before your foundation because they will cancel out colours on your skin that you don't want showing through. I have dark areas around my mouth, partially hereditary and partially through a nasty reaction to a treatment I was prescribed by a dermatologist. I'm not actually a huge user of concealer, I'm just too lazy for it however when I discovered correctors I was like they sound like a great idea, but I didn't ever get round to getting one. So then I hear about this and I'm like yep great I'll try it eventually. The product is very rich, so you do not want to go overboard with this. The applicator can make this happen because you'll be squeezing and thinking nothing is coming out and then boom. But once the product is on your face is blendable and really cancels out the darkness in the skin (for medium and dark skin tones). I have really found that using this evens out the colour in my skin and makes foundation look even.

LA Girl Pro Concealer in Fawn - I've never used a concealer to highlight parts of my face, it's just never really been something I've been into and just seems like an extra step that I'm prepared to take. However with these products being so affordable I thought I'd try it. If I'm honest I'm not sure what I think of it, I've tried it four time and each time I haven't been 100% happy with the results. If I'm honest when I watch people doing it on YouTube it just never seems to look natural, most people either use too light a concealer or don't blend it out properly, so it hasn't given me confidence that I can get it right either! The way the product goes on is fine, I would suggest that you only work on one area at a time as it does tend to set quickly, so you want to make sure you can blend it in. I think the shade of this is great for me and they also do so many, so most people are bound to find a shade for themselves. I think I just need a bit more practice with this.

LA Girl Pro Concealer in Dark Cocoa - This shade is too close to my skin tone for me to use it as a contour product. I thought I wouldn't use it, but then I ran out of my foundation and I remembered that Jackie Aina once used the concealers as a foundation (apparently the brand say you can do this). I only use to around the perimeter of my face as I used my MAC studio powder for my face, but as it's too light for my overall face I needed the concealer to darken the foundation to even out my skin. It worked really well as a foundation and the consistency of the product means that it basically does not budge. I wouldn't use this all over my face, but it really did save me that day!

So my overall thoughts are these products? I like them, I don't love them but I think for the price point and to have options, they are great. The range of colours is a great selling point as well, I would encourage everyone to pick these up and have them in their stash. Also I bought mine off different sellers on eBay, so just have a look around for the other colours.

P.S Happy Valentine's Day

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