Exploring Italy: Monticchiello & Siena

2 July 2018

Welcome to my final Italy post! This was actually the second and third day of our time in Tuscany but we’ll just ignore the fact that I haven’t done things in chronological order. Today I’ll be showing you around Monticchiello and Siena. 

Some more driving on empty roads and looking at pretty green stuff before we got to Monticchiello.

Monticchiello is a village in the Province of Siena. It was quite close to where we stayed and we passed through it a couple of times and wanted to explore it, plus we wanted to find a dinner spot that was relatively close to us for one of the evenings we had in Tuscany. It’s such a beautiful village and it is really quiet, you really won’t bump into many tourists. It has a beautiful viewpoint and overlooks the valley in the region of Tuscany.

Monticchiello is a quaint place with such cute surroundings. Most houses have lovely flowerpots decorating their house and it has such a wonderful charm to it. There is a small church around but we didn’t go into it.

We ended up going for a light lunch at a cafĂ© and it was so lovely – it had amazing views and it was nice to just bask in the sun whilst watching the world go by.

The next day we went to Siena. We didn't plan on visiting it but so many people suggested it to me when I said I was staying near there, and considering everywhere was a bit of a drive why not fit in another major city?

I’m so glad we went because Siena was stunning! You get inside the city and you’re instantly wowed by the buildings. We only explored the centre, which is basically the tourist part but it was beautiful AND I had the best gelato of my whole trip there.

We ended up being there during there during a traditional festival that the Sienese have that sees different districts compete against each other (for what exactly I have no idea). The streets are lined with the districts sign (we saw a fish, and maybe a horse), there are rows and rows of tables and then food! We only saw the prep for the festival but it was a lovely thing to stumble upon and read about, as there’s a parade and everything. We then walked through to Piazza del Campo which was beautiful and we read about how they have The Palio di Siena - a horse race that takes place in the square.

We also went to see the Siena Cathedral, it’s an absolute sight to see and construction started in 1215. I love looking at church designs, but never have the patience to go inside and actually walk around them. I kinda feel like once you’ve seen them all, you’ve seen all the expensive stuff that’s inside all of them.

So, this is the end of my Italy posts (finally I hear you say). I’ll be back to regular beauty stuff as I have a bunch of things lined up, but not before I show another place in London that I had the pleasure of visiting! I hope you've enjoyed my Italy posts it has been lovely reliving this holiday!

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