Review: Antipodes Organic Resurrect Facial Toner and La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Face Ultra-Light Fluid SPF50+.

13 August 2018

Well, I haven’t posted for a while but I’m back with a skincare related post! How long has it been since one of these? I can’t even remember but all I know is you’ve seen loads of me prancing around London and other parts of the world, so today I thought I’d bring it back to one of my favourite things - skincare - and share my thoughts on some products I’ve been testing out.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Antipodes Certified Organic Resurrect Facial Toner and La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Face Ultra-Light Fluid SPF50+. I ordered both of these products 2 months ago and one day of me posting it. Last week I finished the Antipodes product but I'm still going strong with the La Roche-Posay sunscreen.

Antipodes Certified Organic Resurrect Facial Toner 

I’m not really sure why I bought this toner, I know I just wanted a change from using my Serozinc so I decided to get a bit fancy and this was discounted at the time.

Antipodes Certified Organic Resurrect Facial Toner on Pull Down The Moon

Exploring London: Mayfields Lavender Farm

9 July 2018

Mayfields Lavender Farm on Pull Down The Moon

Last weekend I had the absolute joy of visiting the lavender fields in Surrey. We’ve been having such wonderful weather in the UK and it was perfect on this Sunday. I basically got to prance around in a sea of my favourite colour, in the sun and with great company. 

Exploring Italy: Monticchiello & Siena

2 July 2018

Welcome to my final Italy post! This was actually the second and third day of our time in Tuscany but we’ll just ignore the fact that I haven’t done things in chronological order. Today I’ll be showing you around Monticchiello and Siena. 

[guest post] 5 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself with Absolutely No Guilt

25 June 2018

This post is a guest post from the wonderful Amy Mia

After a long week at work and numerous errands you’ve had to do day after day, all you need is a little bit of you time to relax and indulge yourself. Don’t even doubt your decision for a second, because a little bit of pampering and some treats never killed anyone, and what’s more, it’ll be highly therapeutical for your mind and body. Therefore, if you’re in dire need of pampering yourself, we offer you five options that will never make you feel guilty for spending money on them.

Exploring Italy - Vitabella Toscana

20 June 2018

So, I’m doing my Italy posts in a kind of backwards way (you’ll see what I mean next week). I didn’t want the last post to be too crammed with pictures and that means I can show you more of the place we stayed in this week. Really the last post should have had this title but oh well! Next week I will actually be showing you more of Tuscany as well as Sienna! If you’ve arrived here because you’ve searched for Vitabella Toscana then check out my previous post for pictures of the inside of La Ginestra.

So this post will be relatively short and sweet but I wanted to share our last day and one of the best features of the place - the pool!

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