Sephora wishlist

Friday, 26 August 2016

It kinda feels like yesterday when I did my American wishlist and now I'm back with another! I'm off to Europe for 13 days next week and I will be visiting 4 different cities. I also plan to hit up Sephora wherever I can and I have a few things that I have actually been lusting after. Fingers crossed they have them as I'm not sure how wide the selection is in Europe. I'll hopefully be visiting other drug stores whilst I'm there to pick up other brands.

1. Elizabeth and James - Nirvana Bourbon:  I'm ready for a new fragrance and when I saw this come up in the Sephora newsletter I was like that sounds so nice. I'm typically drawn to sweet scents and I feel the scent emodies a bit of that but with a more woody smell. I'm really intrigued to try it out.

2. Sunday Riley - Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner:  I have a desperate craving for something by Sunday Riley and watching a video earlier this week about on the of oils has only cemented that. However I am in great need of a new toner and I'm hoping to pick this up (hopefully in duty free). I love toners and I think this will be the one to give my skin that extra bit of hydration this winter.

3. GlamGlow - Tinglexfoliate Mud Mask: I actually picked up this mask when I was in NY, but the smaller version and I loved it. I want to repurchase the smaller version again as it last me a while and I'm too stingy to fork out for the larger one with everything else that I want. If you haven't tried anything from the GlamGlow range I recommend this one!

4. Peter Thomas Roth - Glycolic Acid 3 percent Facial Wash:  I've become really obessed with this brand, especially after my 5 mask purchase in NY. When I learned about this wash I was super intrigued - glycolic acid in a face wash?! I know a face wash doesn't stay on your skin for very long but I still think this product will be beneficial.

5. Clinique - Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief: I am in desperate need of a new moisturiser. I don't need it to have an SPF in it because I use a separate factor 50 one, but I just need something that will keep my skin hydrated and not make me oily. Clinique seems like a good brand to depend on and this moisturiser has been making the round in blogs recently so I think I need to snatch it up for myself. That or the HydroBlur one.

6. Make up For Ever - Artist Rouge Lipstick: I actually want a particular shade of this lipstick but I couldn't seem to find it when I looked, but as soon as I got the mailer from Sephora I thought, 'I have to have that colour.' Hopefully I'll be able to hunt it down and pick up a few others, as well as a foundation from MUFE. I tried to get one in NY but they didn't have my colour.

So that's my little wishlist. Knowing me I'll probably end up with 10 more things that weren't on the list and curse myself when I will be eating noodles for the next two months. Let me know if there's anything I should keep an eye out for when I'm in Europe!

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Bedroom inspiration - bohemian themes

Saturday, 16 July 2016

I love Pinterest for all the wonderful ideas it can give you for just about anything. Although I'm not largely fussed about interiors I do have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the ones I come across because they can always be saved for future use. The one thing I have found myself gravitating towards recently is bedroom interior, particularly those with a  bohemian theme. The colours and the patterns are just so warm and inviting to me, I've always been admirer of these things but it's something that never translated through to my personal style or living area because I just prefer to keep things simple. However after looking at loads these designs, I've decided it's time for a little rehaul. I'm starting small though and just starting with my bedding, in all of the ones I've come across it's the bed area that's always got me. It makes jumping into bed much more inviting!

Credit: one | two | three | four 
            five | six | seven | eight 

So I did a bit of searching and thought I'd share some of the things I've found incase you're inclined to get some bits for yourself!

Where to find it: eBay | Royal Furnish | La Redoute
I found loads by just typing 'mandala bedding' or 'mandala sheets'

You can follow me on Pinterest here. I can't wait until I have a place of my own to start really doing some interest stuff!

Let me know if you're on Pinterest too and what your favourite boards are!

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My NYC trip

Monday, 30 May 2016

So I wanted to share a few snaps that showed my trip to New York. I've decided not to do a rundown of what we did on different days (I'm sure are things that I shouldn't even mention) but I will split the pictures by location/activity. I absolutely loved New York and I felt so fortunate to be able to celebrate my birthday there with some wonderful friends - I seriously cannot wait to go back! There was so much that I didn't do so another trip will have to be on the cards!

My birthday! 

Times Square

Empire State Building

American Museum of Natural History
I spent the morning of my birthday here - I felt like a little kid but I absolutely loved the place. 


Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty

The ones that don't fit in anywhere else

This had me and my friend in stiches

On our first night we stumbled across this place called The Blind Barber

View from the hotel room opposite the memorial centre

Last drink in New York at The Rum House

Yankee Stadium

So that's my trip - 5 epic days of no sleep, loads of walking and feeling really blessed.

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5 things I'm grateful for

Monday, 2 May 2016

So in 4 days time I'll be 25! I'm only excited about this because I'll be celebrating it in New York, a city I've always wanted to visit. I'm not really quite sure why, considering I think London is too crowed but it's something I wanted to knock off my bucket list. I'm so happy that I'm excited for this trip and my birthday because that was exactly my intention when I decided I want to be away for my birthday. I didn't want to dread it, and now I'm really not - I'm looking forward to a magical day and night with some great friends.

Turning a quarter of a century old isn't a huge deal, but it kind of is so it brings some thoughts with it and I just thought I'd note them down to look back on. Tbh when I was 13 with suicidal thoughts running through my veins I didn't ever think I'd reach 25, so honestly for me to be excited about it is a real 360 for me. I feel like I've grown, but at the same time still the same. I mean currently my hair is a brassy blonde and I don't even know if I'll have the time to fix it before I fly...

#1 my family 
I don't speak too much about family because it's a sensitive subject for me but I am lucky that I have two nephews that have given the word family a real meaning for me. It's also meant that I'm much closer to my sister and she has been a wonderful rock for me in the past 4 years in my time of need. But I'm really grateful that I have two nephews (4 and 3 and there's another on the way) who make me so happy. They're full of love and energy and never tire of giving me cuddles on request. Sometimes I feel like they're my own and part of my recovery is for them, so they get the best parts of me and not the miserable side. They are my strength and my joy.

#2 my resilience
I know this may seem like a strange one, but I've bounced back from so many set backs and generally fought to get to where I am now. I've always though resilience was a great trait but I didn't realise how much of it I had until I was going through my therapy sessions. It's kept me alive, so it must be good!

#3 my friends
Most of my friends are basically like family, but they still deserve their own section. I just have a bunch of lovely human beings who make me laugh, smile, cry and occasionally make me angry, but they are all amazing people. I am by no means a horrible friend, but I'm sure I'm not the easiest person to be friends with because I am so closed off but I have such a wonderful and understand support team. I just do not know where I'd be without some of my friends. 

#4 my career
I use this word with trepidation, but I really feel like I've landed a good job this time. I wouldn't even say I really have a career at the moment, but I do have a job that I enjoy and I'm surrounded by good people. I'm grateful for the experiences I've had in my different roles, my last one taught me that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought I was. I'm really not sure where I'll go next but at the moment I feel 100% content in my career/job path.

#5 my health 
Bit of an odd one for me. But I've realised I'm quite blessed when it comes to my health, not my mental health be you win some you lose some. But aside from the weight gain, I've had no serious scares of any kind on this side of my life. Although I do think I now need to start taking much better care of my body to ensure that it stays this way!

I hope this has inspired you to think about some of the good things in your life - gratitude is awesome and I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life. What are you grateful for?

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