Exploring Italy: Tuscany

11 June 2018

I left off my last post talking about how I’d share the most beautiful place to stay ever and I mean it. When I go on holiday I’m not much of a going out clubbing type of girl, I much prefer an evening in with a lovely bottle of wine. As a result of this I get more cash to splash out in where I’m staying and because we were going to Tuscany and wanted to in the middle of nowhere we decided to stay in an apartment. Only we found the best apartment/villa type place and honestly it was perfect. The only thing missing is a bath, haha but that’s because I’m 100% a bath person and you’ll have seen from my time in Oxford and York. We drove from the airport to Tuscany and a wonderful double rainbow accompanied us for some of the journey. 

Exploring Italy: Rome

28 May 2018

Can you believe my last holiday before this was in October? It feels like such a long time ago, but it really isn’t! I didn’t plan on going on any holidays until towards the end of the year but who can resist a good old holiday when a friend asks?

Exploring Bristol: Clifton Suspension Bridge

21 May 2018

I'm so behind on my posting schedule for this blog, I wanted to get this post out before the May bank holiday but it turned out I had 100 things to do and not enough time! I have so much great photos coming up from my holiday in Italy, so I'm really excited to share those.

Anyway today I am going to be talking about Bristol, I went in March and I cannot believe I never shared any of the photos I took! I went for a friends birthday so I was only there for one night but managed to see the wonderful Clifton Suspension Bridge. Who knew bridges would be a thing I was in to? But this one is particularly stunning. See for yourself!

Exploring London: The Hill Garden and Pergola

23 April 2018

After seeing a post in TimeOut London about parts of London that had pretty flowers blooming in Spring I decided to visit one of the recommended spots. There was no Wisteria blooming in the Pergola and Hill Garden but we still had a wonderful time and it was nice to explore North London some more.

Goal setting - revisiting yoga goals

9 April 2018

Remember this post – 3 Yoga poses to master - when I talked about my yoga goals? Well, I’d like to revisit it because I like to hold myself accountable for the things I set out to do (well when I can remember them that is). Yoga is still very much part of my life but I go through phases but I’m just happy it remains in my life. I tried two different yoga studios last year and one them I absolutely love, however, it isn’t that close to me so sometimes laziness does settle in! I still do a lot of Sarah Beth’s yoga videos as I still adore her.

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