I caved!

27 July 2012

Payday can only mean spending money! I finally have got my hands on the Liz Earle skin care. My skin is oily and riddled with acne scars. So first and foremost I want to combat the oiliness. My second purchase is for reducing the scars. 

So I ran off the the Liz Earle website to check out the range and it turns out there is an August deal - meaning I get what I was going to purchase, for a cheaper price WITH a gift. It's a foundation, now I'm not sure it will be my colour but my work mate said it was good, so it's worth a shot. Although my trusty MAC serves me well. As I recommended one of the girls I work with, she gets a free something, which she volunteered to split with me. Niceeeeeeee. So this is what I got:
£41.00. You get:
100ml Cleanse and Polish (with two Muslin clothes)
200ml Skin Tonic
50ml Skin Repair Moisturiser 
Free Sheer Skin Tint

I usually wouldn't invest this much in anything but if it warrants then I will. But I am waaay tired of hating my skin, so I can spend a little more because the only other thing it would go on is food. 

Next thing I purchased was the Dr Manuka APInourish Skin Repair Cream. I already have the blemish cream by them and I was surprised at how well it worked. I read reviews about the Skin Repair's magic and decided to banish my scars away (even if it means emptying my pockets)!

I also got this. It retails at £24.99 from Holland & Barretts, but I went searching on Ebay (I'm a cheaparse remember) and got it for £17.50
I also gave £1 to the Amy Winehouse Foundation because Ebay prompted me and I adore her. So there's my good deed for life. I kid. 

Anyway all the stuff is rammed with Vitamin E, which is excellent for skin - keeps it moisturised and helps fade scars. So those are my cheeky purchases, but if it's in the name of clear(er) skin, then I think it's justified. The new lipstick and high tops I'm craving however....


Holidaaay galore + holiday outfit numero 2

26 July 2012

Here are some holiday snaps! I really really want to go back after looking at these! Just loved waking up with nothing to do but, swim, eat, drink and do activities. The good life.

I love my new waistcoat that I have obtained. I discovered there is a Rokit in Covent Garden, 10minutes away from work (uh oh). So naturally when I saw it, I walked straight in, forgetting why I was even in Covent Garden in the first place. I picked up this beauty, a week before holiday and I can't fault it (well I can, but long to explain). I love the pattern on it though. 

More to follow, eventually...

Holiday outfit - numero 1

25 July 2012

Just the one photo as I am still working on the rest. I picked up this dress in Primark the day we left. It was just calling me, with its wonderful colours and who can resist it for £5?!
Dress - Primark
Wedges - New Look

We got to Gran Canaria pretty late and arrived at our hotel very late because men cannot read TomToms (at least mine can't). So I just threw something on because it was hoooooooooot. I do love this dress but I haven't actually worn it since. It has a nice cut out in the front, which is nice and unique but not very work friendly! But with this weather keeping up, I can probably whip it out on Saturday!

Beauty Haul.

21 July 2012

I have just got Pinterest, but I know it will be a while before I actually get round to using it but I hope it's good because it seems interesting enough! 

Anyway I thought I'd show some beauty products I'd bought recently (in the last week)! 

1. Essie Nail Varnish from TK Maxx - £6.99. It has a base coat, then colours Tangerine & True Love
2. Essie Nail Varnish from TK Maxx - £7.99. Ridge filling coat & colour Funny Face (love it)
3. Dr Organic Vitamin E Skin Lotion - Holland and Barrets - £6.29. Good for dry skin!
4. Manuka Doctor Blemish Cream - £5.99. So far so good! 
5. Soap and Glory Flake Away from Boots - £7.00. I LOVE this, smells so good. Such a good exfoliator, nice and thick. 
6. Neutrogena Crack Hell from Boots - £5.14. Feet need loving! 
7. Foot File from Boots - £3.49. Summer is coming back again, so my feet need to be ready!
8. Coconut Body Oil from Boots - £2.54. Really good for dry skin! Smells lovely and I use it on my feet as well to keep them moisturised.

What products do you use? I have others I want to try out but my bank account is already crying, so I'll leave them until next month. 

Anyway...where are the holiday photos? They are coming I promise. I managed to upload them yesterday and edit half of them, so they are on their way....that sounds really promising. xxx

Nail art

20 July 2012

Nail art is just something to be shared, and I see so much amazing nails that I love, and will never have the chance to re-create because I have no nails. They just peel or break if they grow. This doesn't stop me loving or buying various bits of nail varnishes (that will be another post all together) but one can dream and aspire can't they?

 The above is Crayola Nail Varnish! Yes your childhood is coming back and this time it is little bit more sophisticated. I don't know anyone who didn't use Crayola when they were younger, I even had some and I had a somewhat deprived childhood. But you couldn't escape these crayons - pencil? What's a pencil?! Well bad drawing aside, you can have the wonderful colours of Crayola. If you're in the UK or Europe then you can pay for wonderful custom charges if you're incredible eager to get them because they are available at Fred Flare (I used to love this website when I was 13 - wishful thinking). I'm not sure when or if they are available in the UK, but I'm sure they will pop up somewhere. 

So following across from nail varnish I want to show wonderful nail art. 

How wonderful is this?! People are so creative. It's something to do with covering your nail in flocking. I'd never heard of it before, but what a brilliant effect! Reading this post on the stylist.co.uk lead me to this:

Rainbow Nails and yep, I fell in love. Mainly because I love sweets and this does look good enough to eat. Can't say I would ever try this myself because I just wouldn't have the patience or the time but if you do try it out, let me know how you get on! 

Then there are these that I have saved from various places, but they absolutely amaze me.

I hope you find these as inspirational as I did. 

The Sunday Girl- Rainbow Nails I recommend following her blog for beauty reviews because she does a ton of them, so you're sure to find something to your taste.
Lyndar the Merciless - Scream for Ice Cream Certainly recommend this blog if you want nail ideas because hers it brilliant :) 

daddy i’ve fallen for a monster.

18 July 2012

I'm obviously sure that I am not the only one is who a little bit in love with Stooshe at the moment. I didn't actually take any notice of them when they first came in the scene. I'm always way too caught up in the music I have to be continually adding to that with new artists. That aside, I absolutely adore their song 'Black Heart'. I love the way it sounds and I love the lyrics. They sound so different and that's what I like, that soulful but old school vibe. I love their harmonies too, absolutely beautiful. 

Anyway, what made me want to make a post about them is in relation to a post on Facebook, of them to a cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Drunk'. You can watch it here.

And don't you just love their name? I'm just assuming here that everyone knows what it means. Courtney is my favourite (short hair, pink). Then Alex and then Karis. But I love Karis' name.

I'm loving how they look too. It's refreshing and I'm very much into it. So here are some pictures for you to look over and see what I see. 

So many colours and I love colours!

Recent purchases.

12 July 2012

Recent purchases

My boyfriend bought this jumper for me. Fred Perry are having a sale, so if you like them head over to their website. He ordered it today so I should be able to have it by Monday, very excited to have it. I ordered myself two pairs of shoes from New Look. 

I am hunting for black boots because I'm tired of wearing my trainers into work. Long story short, I have foot issues and wear insoles. But instead of my outfits always looking horrid because I'm wearing funky looking trainers (expensive and supportive ones though) I thought I'd get myself some boots because I can transfer my insoles into them. I actually ordered it to the store, so didn't have to pay for delivery and will pick it up on Monday.

 I love the Aztec ones, it's a nice little bit of detail which I think it cute. And Chelsea boots because I like the style. I'm trying to save because I have TWO weekends of partying for 21st birthday but luckily pay day comes in between :)

What am I up to?

8 July 2012

The blogger atmosphere is filled with people doing a lot of DIY with dye. Tie dye is everywhere as is dip dye. Clothes dye reminds me of uni when we would dye and customise our pubcrawl t-shirts! Very fun!

I saw a girl wearing these most loveliest item a couple of weeks back and I know it's something I make myself so, I've ordered myself some dye and other embellishments and I'm getting to work on my newest (although probably not, by the time I'm done with it) piece of clothing!
I bought this whole bunch on Ebay. It came whilst I was on holiday and now that I have time to dye, I will start now! Fear not though, I will unravel my secret garment when it's done! So the secret shouldn't be kep for too long (I hope). Fingers crossed it turns out looking wonderful!

Shiny shiny.

7 July 2012

These are taken from the Elton John Oscar Party. A party my boss was at because he is friends with Elton John. Friends, not like yeah just invited for the craic. Genuine friend. Life eh?

Anyway, I've stolen this from I love Wildfox because I was just so in love with Sky's dress, as well as just being in love with the picture. Katy P looks lovely! I've long gotten over her looking scary and find her blue hair lovely!! Reminds me of when I had colourful hair, which I'm tempted to get back this weekend! 

Some holiday snaps!

6 July 2012

1. Gran Canaria cocktail (I had plenty of these).
2. Resort pool.
3. Decor in a restaurant.
4. Resort swimming pool again. 
5. Habits. 
6. Us.

I am sadly back from my holiday! After sorting things out my bags and things I decided to make a collage of some of the photos I had on my iPod. Just some of them because they don't even include my millions of dolphin snaps!!
I know I won't get round to posting photos for a while, so these will have to suffice! 

I'm also off to Wireless tomorrow. Shall deffo be fun despite to weather! 

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