[guest post] 7 Fall Beauty Trends Revealed

18 September 2017

Depending on what kind of calendar you rely on – meteorological or astronomical, Fall has already arrived with the arrival of September 1st or will arrive come the 22nd. Regardless of what belief you cling to, the reality is this – the minute temperatures dropped signified the arrival of glorious Fall, and the season comes with its own set of unique rules and trends to abide by, in terms of fashion, skincare, makeup as well as hair. This is a huge shift and you should welcome it fully prepared.

Exploring London: The Hive, Kew Gardens

11 September 2017

Last month I went to Kew Gardens for the first time ever! I went to see The Hive which is described as 'a unique, multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees. A feat of British engineering, it stands 17 metres tall, set in a wildflower meadow.'

The Hive - Kew Gardens

Exploring London: August eats

4 September 2017

So as someone who spends a lot of her income on food (I don’t even want to find what % it is) I thought I’d share some of the places I’ve eaten in during August. Hopefully doing this series will force me to bring my DSLR more to get some quality pics. I don’t think I’ll be going down the route of reviewing places just yet, but I think my food choices are banging so I consider it a duty to share.

1. Zeytin Restaurant – Greenwich
Crossing the river in search of Turkish food on the recommendation from friends that this place is “so good”, led me to Zeytin, and I concur it was great. Four of us pitched up here and basically ordered everything on the menu. I went all out and ended up taking some chicken and lamb shish home because shish is too good to leave behind.

Zeytin Restaurant – Greenwich

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