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Hi, my name is Sandra and I'm 26 year old blogger from London.  I love to write and so my blog is my way of keeping that love alive. 
Me in a very small nutshell: I like books, red wine, cooking and holidays. My favourite TV shows are Sherlock, Elementary, HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory. Music wise I'm all over the place however my favourites include Lauryn Hill, Kygo, Brand New, The Killers, The Spill Canvas and lots lots more. 
I spend the majority of my time in my 9-5 which is marketing, I've worked in this area for 3 years I really enjoy it. 

I blog about skincare, beauty, mental health and illness, events in London and holidays! Pull Down The Moon (my title is from from this song by Archie Star) is my digital diary and I like to share snippets from all parts of my life. You'll mostly find beauty and skincare though, as I love trying out new products and reviewing them to help other people out. One of my main aims with my product reviews is to give an honest opinion about whether the new 'it' item is worth it. Much like everyone else I enjoy purchasing new things but not carelessly. 
My little place is for for the 20 something career girl like myself who is a bit rough around the edges but is super determined. Personally I haven't got it all figured out and I battle with my mental health every day, but in between all of that I'm attempting to live life the best that I can and my blog is for people like me! As much as I like to post updates about my mental illness, I also post about self care and how I manage it. I hope my blog serves as a place of information and inspiration for anyone who reads it.

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You can contact me on for any enquiries. Please note I do not accept guest posts for companies.
@sandraaa_xo - Twitter
@sandraaaxo - Instagram

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