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21 September 2009

While the internet consumes a lot of my time, I have come across some interesting things that I think is worth sharing.

So Twilight is drving half the world mad? And the other half are in love with it! I myself have never read it, really isn't my type of book I'm intrigued to read it though, Bite Me! (Or Don't) I do really want to see what the hype is about. The article linked pretty much gave everything away (so don't read if you don't want spoilers!) but I'm not a fan of surprises but its interesting to see another side of the book I wasn't aware of. The article though I thought was well written and interesting.
Another article "If" Black Women Were White Women is very interesting. I don't remember how I came across it but it certainly is enlightening and somewhat amusing.
Fresher Success E-book orginally linked by Charade but it's something I found extremely helpful, although it obviouly only applies if you're going to uni (5days!). Infact the whole blog The University Blog is incredibly helpful.

I know pratically no one reads my blog but if anyone does they might be of interest to someone!

Sweet n' Simple

20 September 2009

i have no idea which also twin this is, but hey this is cute!
song: taylor swift - you belong with me

Daisy Lowe.

19 September 2009

I fiiinally watched the 24hour thing i'd recorded on MTV about Daisy Lowe and it reminded how much I really like her! Although she reminds me of some girls in old school who I just didn't really like, nevertheless I googled picturess.

This time next week I'll be in Birmingham! Probably without internet access! But it's exciting and terrifying at the same time. I've stopped being so stressed, well partially anyway.
i've been listening to taylor swift on repeat, mainly you belong with me & hey stephen, i'm actually a fan of her now.

song: taylor swift - hey stephen.

how am i suppose to be happy, when all i've ever wanted it comes with a price

17 September 2009

Today was bad and good and then bad. I stress myself out too much, I just have so much to worry about and I worry excessively and it drives me crazy. I slept for two hours today, despite that I decided to be productive, even though I am broke and already in my overdraft I decided to use it for and it was going well until I went to Westfields and couldn't find anything to spend money on!

facial stuffff.

bought this from Topshop. srsly the only thing that caught my eye & it was £6 so i thought why not.

'lavender' tights. random buy but i really like them now.

got this from one of the stalls in camden on my way homee!

i bought hair rollers so i had them in whilst watching top model.

came out a bit messy to be honest...

munching on a finger. that's my lil brotherrr.

song: the red jumpsuit appratus - cat&mouse


15 September 2009

"i'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way i feel when i'm with you."
I've only seen this film once because my best friend at the time loved it to death. I've only ever seen Swayze in Ghost apart from Dirty Dancing either way R.I.P :(

here come the girls

13 September 2009

I know it's an overload of Taylor Momsen but Alexa Chung is such a cutie too, that I couldn't resist posting this!

i think i'm ill. i'm completely exhausted I stayed at a friends and got about two hours sleep but i mean i actually feel ill. bleegh i've been in and out of sleep since 11am and i still feel shitty. getting my hair done tomorrow though yay, i'm actually gonna have the same style as taylor, i didn't realise until i made her my obessesion but full fringes are bad for my skin so yeah i do need one i can pin back.

taylor m rocking it.

11 September 2009

i'd serve you drugs on a silver plate

10 September 2009

I'm downlading Daisy as I write. I should be a good fan & buy the music but I can't wait to hear this and well broke times for a student! I did however buy tickets for their gig in Wembley next year January :D I'm SO excited for it. Brand New are like my second favourite band. I hope The Spill Canvas do a gig sometime soon =( They are my fav band in the entire worldd. aah music.
song: at the bottom - brand new

figured you out.

I've always though Taylor Momsen was gorgeous but after looking at a tumblr dedicated to her I adore her fashion sense as well, it really embodies a look I want to portray. She is my new girl crush for sure, check these out.

Thing is I would never wear that but the point is she is rockin' it out and it looks hottt.

African street style.

8 September 2009

Not to be a total thief but this post inspired me so much, I have to repost it to but here's the actual post just in case. The post is about African Street style and the girl writes
"Stockholm. Paris. London. New York. Helsinki. Milan. Tokyo.

These seem to be to go-to places when it comes to "street-style" and what's hot in general on most fashion blogs, but I just wanted to share some of the street-style you'll find on the African continent. Most of these were taken by Chris Saunders, a South African based photographer whose made it a point to capture the emerging style of South African youth. South African street style is rarely sleek and chic - it's irreverent, vibrant and daring. It mixes patterns and textures, with echoes of mid 70s style (and just a splash of "geek chic"). "

I'm gonna post a handful of pictures that I like the most from it :

These are pieces from a company named Vlisco based in Holland but with traditional West African wax print fabric.

These are from a company called Sika (means money in Ghanian)

I love these pieces, maybe I'm biased because I'm Ghanian but they're so cute!
These next pieces are from a Kenya by a company called Suno

The next two pics is the original poster and pieces she made

This post was so inspirational. I mean I'm not very in touch with my African side or anything but it's nice to see someone who is, taking the time to show the world this. I love the internet and looking at different things so I'm glad I came across this!

- p.s you should buy my stuff

sorry you're not a winner.

6 September 2009

I went to a Rollerdisco on Thursday, it was fun & hard work! Was good to do something different though :) And an opportunity to be colourful.

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