Primark treats.

18 March 2013

I think the Primark in Birmingham is pretty awful and I haven't actually visited a Primark in a couple of months, but last week I did pop in a managed to find myself some goodies. 

I love the flats, I haven't bought or wore flats in over a year and my feet just don't cope well in them but I couldn't resist these two. I just stare at them now because the weather isn't permitting me to show them off just yet. The dress is absolutely gorgeous for £13! Not something you'd see and think it was from Primark! No idea where I'll wear it too but you never know what could be coming my way once I graduate!

I went to Poland!

5 March 2013

I've completely forgotten about my blog :( The good thing is, it hasn't been time wasted I actually have been working away at uni, self developing and travelling it would seem! Two weeks ago I got to visit Poland to visit a friend. Whilst it was dead cold it was lovely. There wasn't too much to see, but I did do some shopping which I WILL post about later, because it was so cheap out there. Mainly it was lovely to spend time with my friend. I cannot wait to go back in the summer. I didn't take to many pictures but here is what I have!

Horrid picture of me to prove I was actually in the country. 

It was nice to add Poland to my travel books! I post my shopping goodies next especially the dresses my wonderful friend gave me. I'm such a lucky girl. 


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