November - music picks

Thursday, 26 November 2015

I thought I'd sneak this post in because I've found four song in November that I really love and have just been on repeat. I won't even try and make this a regular series, because most of the music I listen to is nothing spectacular but I think these tracks are just aaaamaaaazing.

Sinead Harnett - She Ain't Me
Kyla La Grange - Skin 
The Weeknd - Shameless
Disclosure - Bang That

I was fortunate enough to hear Bang That live and ughhh, so good! If you have any music to share I'd love to hear it, seriously!

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Sephora Haul

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Now before we begin, my bestie got these from me on her recent trip to Dubai. Sadly, my feet haven't left London, let alone England since I got back from Ibiza :( So whilst she was there I got her to pick me up a couple of things that I've seen floating around on blogs and YouTube. I probably got this about two weeks ago, so whilst it's a haul post, I will also do first impressions on some of these.

I've heard so much about Sephora's own range through YouTube and I'm so gutted that when I lived in Italy about 3 years ago that I was not interested in make-up or skincare (I probably saved myself a fortune though). So I decided that I really wanted some of their own brand as it was something I certainly couldn't get over here. I know you can order Sephora online but I really don't want to - I don't even know if their own brand ships to the UK. 

I chose the Sephora Green Tea sleeping mask because I can be incredibly lazy when it comes to skincare sometimes and anything that allows me to skip some of my night time routine is a winner in my books. I've used the green tea sleeping mask twice now; I wash my face, apply my Serozinc and then put this over it. I like using this, it's a gel formula and doesn't have any scent (at least not that I've noticed). The Green Tea mask is supposed to 'absorbs excess sebum and purifies for a matte, clean complexion.' and because I have oily skin I wanted to get this. I can't vouch for any of the claims as this has to be used over a long period of time, but after washing it off in the morning my skin does feel fresh. 

I also wanted to get a regular mask so I chose the Sephora Lingzhi Mask, I didn't expect it to be a sheet mask (actually it's a fiber sheet mask) but I thought it would contain the product and you just squeeze it out and put it on your face. So I'm looking forward to trying it, the Lingzhi mask is the anti-ageing mask that aims to 'create the appearance of smoother, plumper, and younger-looking skin.' It hit me some time in the past two months that turning 25 next year means that I will have to start using this anti-ageing stuff, whilst I'm not old it will certainly creep up on me! I haven't had the chance to use this mask yet. 

The amount of stuff I've heard about the Peter Thomas Ross Pumpkin Enzyme mask is unbelievable. I didn't think I'd actually get to try it until I went to New York next year, and stupidly I was thinking about actually buying the full size. That is until I was looking on the website for the name and thought actually they must have a sample set and found this, meaning I got to try three masks instead of one! 

The Mini Mask Magic Kit is apparently exclusive to Sephora and contains:

  • Cucumber Gel Mask - helps to soothe, hydrate, and detoxify dry, irritated skin
  • Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask - contains cutting-edge plant biotechnology that isolates and replicates the perfect rose stem cells for maximum age repair
  • Pumpkin Enzyme Mask - a powerful and highly effective exfoliating treatment that addresses a dull, aging, and congested complexion
So far I've only tried the Rose Stem gel mask and the Pumpkin Enzyme mask, and both of these I have only used once. I don't think I can really say much after one use about their effects, but I didn't feel any stinging upon application. The sample sizes are good enough to get a week or two weeks use out of them - so maybe I'll have more to report on later! 

The final thing was the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red. At least I hope it's in that colour, it says 01 so should be. I wanted more of these but they didn't have any of the other colours I requested. I stay away from red lipsticks because I'm yet to find one with the right tone that suits me. When I tried this on when I got it I was like yes maybe this would work, but then I put it on again on Thursday last week to go to work and was aah no. I think it's probably just a case of me not being used to red lipstick now, and it being winter that made me want to have a darker colour on my lips. So I went over this with one layer of my Revlon 'Black Cherry' and ended up with a dark red colour which I loved - I even got a compliment about it at work saying it suited me so yay! The colour last for over 8 hours with me drinking and eating (for reference the Revlon lipstick is a creme one so tend to wear off during the day) and I didn't have to touch up. I could have course have touched up but I'm hella lazy and I spent two hours of that day freezing my nuts off so I didn't really care how my lipstick looked.

So that's it for the Sephora purchases. I have a feeling I'm going to do a lot damage to my bank account when I head to New York in May! 

Party season outfit ideas

Sunday, 15 November 2015

I have not blogged in forever! It's a combination of not having anything to blog about and not having the time to blog. My workplace has announced the date of the Christmas party and it has sent me into panic mode! First of all it makes me realise I need to stop inhaling all sorts of crap, but second reason for my panic is finding something to wear! So I’ve been doing some searching here and there but really most of these I have discovered because they’ve landed in my inbox from certain brands. I’m mainly looking for a dress because I find them easier to work with, but I have found some cute tops/bottoms.

I know Christmas outfits can be something that people spend a lot of money on, but I don’t want to especially because I’ll probably wear the item(s) once. Although I was just reminded by my friend last night, that I'll be in Dublin celebrating a friends 30th and New Years, so I actually have more than one occasion to wear my outfit. I’ll start to buy stuff at the end of this month, but for the time being I thought I would show you what I’ve found. I know everyone is doing these party wear stuff, but I’ll only be going to that one Christmas party so thankfully it’s not going to cost me a fortune! I am planning a Christmas shindig/game night at mine, so I maybe I would like an outfit for that but other than that my plan is to save money and stay warm. 

I love these pieces from Zara, their evening look book email arrived in my inbox and I decided to take a look. I know half the stuff won’t fit me or look good on me because my body shape is nothing any of the models they show, but I can always try them! I do love the fact that they set up a look book for it and you should totally check it out here. I love that most of the things in the collection are all black, and of course my favourite pieces are black.

Out of all of these I have to say the red textured dress is my favourite - lovely colour, not too tight and the cut will flatter my shape. I have so many accessories saved in my ASOS basket, so I will probably pick a clutch bag up and some jewellery and hopefully I'll be sorted! 

Have you seen any dresses that would be perfect for the party season? I’d love to see them.

November Book List

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

This is a couple days late but I have been suffering since Halloween and could barely lift my head let alone type out a whole blog post.

So October has come and gone and I managed to read four books! *fist pump* I'm not sure how this happened, but I suspect it's due to the fact that I just seem to get through real books rather than the ones on the Kindle. I did however read a book on the Kindle because after I finished my last book, I remembered that I had purchased The Cuckoo's Calling when it was like 99p so I went off to read that before ordering some more books.

I started off reading Low Expectations in October and whilst it was okay I really didn't feel that it had any substance to it personally. It wasn't terrible but I finished it and thought meh. I next moved on to Me Before You and if you've read my book review then you'll already know that I thought it was fantastic. It struck so many chords with me and every time I had to stop reading it on the tube I was so upset. After this I went on to Only Ever Yours, again this book was just meh for me. It had a edge because of the dystopian setting but in the end it was just underwhelming, it did raise some good points about women and society and the roles we're expected to play but it wasn't anything new and for me didn't shed anything exciting or revolutionary. I finished this on the 23rd of October, so I was able to go on to The Cuckoo's Calling. I've read all the Harry Potter books and The Casual Vacancy and from those two I was thoroughly convinced that JK is an awesome writer, reading The Cuckoo's calling further confirmed that. She does every genre so well and she just takes the reader on an awesome journey. I was happy to find out that The Cuckoo's Calling actually has two more books after it. If you don't know it's about a detective, so I think there's definitely room for more books!

So on to this months books! I have decided  I will purchase more actual books as I do want to meet my goal and if they help me to get there faster, then so be it!

Island by Aldous Huxley - This has been in my saved for later basket for ages and I can't really say why. I know it's a very well known book but that isn't what usually compels me to read something, so I think I must have seen a really good quote from it somewhere. I have read Brave New World by him back in 2013, but I seriously cannot remember it. This is meant to be the other part to Brave New World, as it talks about a utopia, whilst Brave New World is about a dystopian society. In a nutshell the story is about a man who ends up shipwrecked on an island.

The House Girl: A Novel by  Tara Conklin - This book again has been sitting in the basket and I just really have no idea why as I can't really seem to even explain what the book is about, so I will just have to point you guys to Google for this one. I must have seen a snippet of the book somewhere and thought it would be a good read. I wanted to have a range of books for November and this sort of bridges the gap from smart and depressing.

The 10 PM Question by Kate De Goldi - I love young adult novels and this book has featured in a lot of top ten lists when it comes to depression. Again this has been sitting in my basket for a while and I'm in the mood to delve into another book around this topic, so I just purchased it. I'm not really sure what this book is about, other than a 12 year old boy and something do with 10pm and his mum. The blurb doesn't really give anything away, but all the reviews I've read about it are very promising.

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