1st December - World Aids Day

1 December 2009

The 1st of december, already?! Also world aids day, my uni didn't do anything for it that I'm aware of! :(
I'm back in better spirits, I went back to London for the weekend and lets just say living by myself is a lot better than living with my family! Been hard at work these past two days doing work that I've put off for a month, so I feel a lot more focused.

mondays outfit.
i also got my hair done in london! :)

i look like a chav today.
the t-shirt is actually a tiesto t-shirt though :D

yeah i did some camwhoring after LOADS of work, it's allowed okay!

this was actually last week thursday, another round at the gay club! :)

fiinally a picture of my BB. it's actually a whiteberry but whatever.
also my new journal from camden <3


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