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19 April 2010

I was going to show all my lovely shopping that I've done over the holiday but I found out on Saturday that my camera has died! I couldn't snap any good shots of the clothes sooo I just took loads of pictures of myself, so now I'll just plaster my face over your screens! I'm back in brum, this oh so wonderful place I'm suppose to learn in. But hey guess what? Volcano means that three of my lectures are cancelled because my lecturers can't get back. Not that I'm complaining really, but I could have just stayed in London and come for my exams? I've just got so much closer with my London lot and do have more fun there. But brum isn't so bad. I'm here to revise to I will do so! Eventually....

I actually looked like this after a hetic morning of getting my hair done then rushing to the station then getting my shit to my room. I was sweating horribly but I spruced up to meet a friend and get some essentials then came and took pics!

This netted top is new, got it in the River Island sale.
I smile weird, i know.


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  1. Hey, it's great that you have a new blog! Can you make the fonts a little bigger? I can barely read! xoxoxoxxoo


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