bunny costume.

12 July 2010

For my friends birthday on Saturday we have to dress up as a bunny, I don't mind fancy dress at all and this should be fun so I started an ebay search. I know I said I was on a shopping ban but this isn't shopping shopping because realistically where else am I going to wear a bunny costume. Anyway I found this one:

But my size was out of stock.

Then I remembered I already own a leotard AND I own a black boobtube dress. I wasn't comfortable with just wearing a leotard so I was going to wear a black skirt over it but now I've decided to just wear my black boobtube and found this:

I'm excited that it's red, if I was purple it would have better but red will be good. I actually now want red shoes just to match but I don't have any and I will not buy any but I'm excited for Saturday, I haven't been out properly in over a month!

My weekend was wonderful and the weather was perfect, I also have a bar job at sonisphere festival I'm really excited because I thought I missed out on the festival fun.

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