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6 June 2011

After running some errands, I returned some flat black shoes that I thought were perfect for me. They were lovely and suitable for work as well as just to wear out and about, but I wore them to the park one day last week and my toe did not thank me for the huge blister it gave me! I think they run a little too small :( I saw a post Kavita from I heart vintage did one time and noticed she bought a lot of jewellery from Matalan, I've never had one near me so never really had the chance to browse one, but as I was in Dalston I decided to pop in and see if there was anything I could spend my refund on. I only found I was interested in the jewellery and shoes (no luck there though) and ended up with these two.

I've wanted these two ring things for a quite a while, but I'm not really a jewellery girl so never actually got round to purchasing one, but at £2 I couldn't resist. Then I saw the beautiful bird and I knew I had to get him. Even the cashier commented on him. I like that they are both gold. I didn't pick anything else as I'm not sure if they use nickel in their jewellery, so I couldn't pick a necklace or bracelet as I may break out in a rash. Nothing really stood out to me anyway.

I'm going to sort out my clothes and then practice my Italian!
Searching for a room is such a hassle by the way, still I'm getting in contact with lovely people who will all be attending in September, so exciting. 

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  1. Those rings are awesome, I assumed they were Topshop at first but wow, at a fraction of the price? They're great. Also very excited for you and your placement year in're going to have so much fun. Hope you manage to keep blogging so we can stay updated!


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