6 July 2011

I've had this dress for about four years. I bought it from Primark on a whim but me back then didn't really see how I would ever wear it. Still when it came to throwing out my clothes I could just never get rid of it, the pattern is so pretty and it's perfect for summer. It was the top ruched bit that really annoyed me. So I come home this summer and it's hanging from my window (I just put it there for some reason) and decided this summer I would wear it. I've worn it once last month for a picnic, I felt very comfortable and it sits just on my knees, not many of my skirts do that! 

(I do the weirdest poses)
Anyway I got dressed today just to clean out my mum's stuff out of my room so it can be painted and figured I really wanted to wear something summery, as I've been working the whole weekend and haven't dressed up the past two days.

So here we go! I took some and then did a final clean and took more pictures (aren't my socks cute). I wore my wedges for the photo, the patterns don't go but I still very much will wear that out! Also got my hair done on Friday, the service I received was terrible but I won't even go into that! I'm pretty much trying to fill my time up with work as I need the money and I'm getting rather bored of my chilling out now.

I'm off to Sonisphere tomorrow, either at 9am or 5pm, either way I haven't packed! I just fished my tent out underneath all the stuff my mum hoards and damn well nearly killed myself but I'm pretty much sorted apart from the fact I have £5 to my name. But breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided for the next 4 days! Still I need to figure out what to wear, as I have friends going so I'll be meeting up with them and at some point I'll be enjoying the music. I'll be back on Sunday, exhausted no doubt but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a gorgeous dress! And you have such a radiant skin by the way! xoxoxoo


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