Shopping in Milan

18 October 2011

I haven't been impressed with the shopping in Milan if I'm 100% honest. I really want to find cute unique stuff to Milan but mostly I've shopping in h&m and Bershka and this one other little store near the Duomo. I've never been a fan of Bershka back home but the one here is huge and actually has quite a lot of nice things!!
To make up for the lack of shopping I have been eating Italian food a lot - so I don't feel bad that I haven't got any clothes!! Seriously the food here is just so wonderful. Thoroughly enjoying the food :)
Anyway I have pictures of all the clothes and accessories I've bought since I've been here and it really isn't much at all!!

 I really love this skirt but the small is too small and the medium is too big! I tried returning it but I can only do an exchange :( Need to find something I want tomorrow, as I'll be in London for 3 weeks and my 1 month exchange policy will run out!!
So gutted as I really wanted this skirt and it was only €20!

I love with this dress that I got from h&m. €40! Sad though as some beads have fallen off as you can see on the left! It's such a lovely colour though.

 I got each of these in the h&m sale for €7.

 My friend I found this junk store in china town which just had the most random stuff including these €3 Lolita style sunglasses!
 Earrings from the store near Duomo - €3.

 I got these in a cute store in Bellagio, Lake Como €16, two of the stones have fallen out though! I love my little froggies though. 

 Still yet to wear these €3 I think.

Top from Bershka €15. 

I did buy a bag and my boyfriend bought me a pair of earrings which haven't been shown but apart from that, this is all I've bought!!
I'm off to London on Thursday and I think I may go a bit shopping crazy there! Cannot wait to see my friends and my boyfriend :) 

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