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21 April 2012

So last Friday, I hopped onto an early AM flight (which was severely delayed) with my boyfriend, off to Ireland to see his family. It was the best weekend ever, was absolutely peaceful, relaxing and just wonderful. Life in the country side is divine! 

We didn't do much on the Friday as we were shattered from the flight, but I did have the lovliest home cooked meal! On the Saturday we went to a coastal down called Kinsale. It just so happened that it was Saturday 14th - the day the Titanic sunk. We didn't actually realise that until we got there but yeah there's that. The weather was pretty awful, so all we did was take pictures and buy some things from the shop.

"Jack I'm flying!"

Going North! 

So that was was my Saturday. This Saturday is very different though, I've slowly been getting creating a questionnaire for a 5,000 word essay. University kills my soul! I have Sunday outfits somewhere but that will just have to wait until I'm feeling energetic again!

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