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20 June 2012

Do you guys have any dream places you'd love to go to? Places that seem like absolute paradise? I bought my boyfriend this scratch map for Christmas and last week, I decided to put it up and last night. We scratched stuffed off where had both been and my boyfriend said "everywhere we have been is so insignificant". Thing is the big countries aren't the most beautiful (in my opinion), so I'd still be scratching off the small ones! Still it would be lovely to go to America or Russia to scratch the huge parts off!! However it did get me thinking about places I'd like to visit. 


The first is the beauty called Tuvalu a Polynesian. It is actually mainly reef and coral everywhere but it looks so pleasant. Not to mention it's not too far from Fiji.


Next up is Micronesia. It's made up of tiny islands owned by various countries. But aah gorgeous once again!


Finally I bring you Palau. This is a gorgeous destination. 

Honeymoon destination for sure but hey take me away for a romantic vacation here and pop the question and I might just say yes! This website here is perfect for wanting to know more about Palau and what you can do there. 

I'm basically obessed with bright green and blue looking places! But they just look so natural and will probably feel like paradise. Aaaah well one, can dream :) 

I am however going on holiday next Thursday to Gran Canaria, so I shall be satisfied with that. 

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