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10 November 2012

So with my student loan finally coming in, I did a little bit of a shop! I can't even remember half of what I've bought now, but I have managed to acquire two pairs of trainers and some high heels (although these were a gift). I thought what better wa o keep my blog updated and show off my goodies? I finally have a pair of high tops! And I got them off ebayfor a bargain of £30 (inc. postage). I love them AND they have purple features, so goood :)

I just love them! 

The next thing to show is my heels! They were a gift and they are incredibly high!
Currently £10 at Republic.

Say hello to my purple Vans! Schuh are doing this and many more for £30, so I would log on to the website if you want a pair!

Love these, love purple. So I'm really happy with my bargains and new footwear!

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  1. Great shoes, some practical ones and some less so. I love them all. You remind me that I should wear my Adidas high tops more often!


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