Remington Style Works Wand Kit

6 February 2014

When I was in my teens I loved straight hair, like dead straight hair. I just couldn't get enough of it. Probably about 4 years ago I started to realise actually it wasn't so great, it was just plain boring. So now I like waves or loose curls. I've had wavy weaves or just had straight ones and curled them myself. Basically I just feel like hair has to have something to it, although realistically on most days I run a brush through my hair and leave it at that.

So before Christmas I purchased the Remington Style Works Wand Kit 

I had others in my basket, but in the end I actually just went for this because everything was purple and it came with the extra bits! Seriously I get so stressed out when it comes to comparing things and choosing what I think is best. 

So we have:
1 curling wand
1 paddle brush
2 clips
1 heat protect glove
1 compact mirror

In all honesty, I'm really happy with my purchase. I am by no mean a pro when it comes to hair (like I said before brush and go) or tools but of course this was easy to use and I got the curls I wanted. 
Here was the result when I first tried it, I actually rushed it because I had somewhere to be, but this is it without brushing it out:

I have tried it other times but to be honest I forgot to take better pictures of the curls, but here are some.

Anyway I'm really happy with the curling wand, when I am bothered to do my hair, I love using it. So I'm glad I finally have a curling wand in my possession. For the price it's great and it does what it's supposed to do. 

My main problem though, is finding something to hold the curl; I currently use VO5 Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray, which couldn't be far from the truth. Even when I'm at home the curls drop. I sprayed this in for a night out on New Years and possibly an hour and half later, my curls dropped! Does anyone have any good recommendations for holding sprays?

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