A room in a day.

8 June 2014

This week has just been busy and soaked in strange feelings. Despite that, today I am showing the updates of my room that mainly happened today - I’m so excited with how it’s turning out. I am taking my time so it's a slow process but I'm loving the project. That and I am lazy. I’d rather sleep on my pile of clothes than sort them out...

There was never a chance that I was going to keep this thing uncluttered...

Tumblr inspired DIY (well hammering a nail into a wall) - I can hang outfits up for inspiration now.

I picked up this piece about two/three years ago in Milan and now I can finally hang it up – inspiration every day.

SO MANY clothes. My friend said his mum would kill him if that was his room. My mum is back tomorrow and I’m sure she will do just that.

Temporary book storage.

I got these lights from Poundland at Christmas and they are still going strong! I added quotes near my dressing table because what better place to put them eh?! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday - it's been so beautiful! 

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