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26 November 2014

So I am a burger fiend through and through, I have a long list of burger places in London that I will chow through. That’s in addition to my 'restaurants in London to go' to list. I just bloody love burgers. So when I read about a Mac and Cheese burger in Timeout London, I was ready to cross another burger place off my list.

I’d read about Dirty Bones before, but after reading that they were collaborating with Tommi’s Burger Joint to create a one off menu and it involved mac and cheese and burger in one, I knew I had to finally pay it a visit. So 2pm last Sunday I took myself to High Street Kensington, to do something other than sitting at home dreading Monday. The collab is only available on Sundays, so there's that as well. Not going to lie there are far better blogs out that explain the collab properly, so give it a search if you’re really interested but for now, let’s get on to the food!

I don’t have the greatest pictures as it was so dark in there. 
We ordered: Chicken Wings. Strawberry Shortbread. Dirty Bounty. Dirty Mac Burger. Dirty Fried Chicken Burger. Dirty Bones Mac and Cheese. Sloppi Dirty Fries.

So as you can see we did quite well for the three of us. We only ordered one starter because two of us just wanted to get straight to the burger. I thought the chicken wings were absolutely lovely and I’m pleasantly surprised by this because it didn’t sound all that great, but they were lemon, chilli and spring onion chicken wings and they were just amazing.

My friend and I tried out the two boozy shakes on the menu which were Strawberry Shortbread and Dirty Bounty and they were looooooovely. My other friend got orange juice, so I didn’t even ask what he thought of it.

So onto the main meal then! So two of us got the Dirty Mac Burger and then there was the Dirty Fried Chicken Burger. Plus two sides of mac and cheese and some Sloppi Dirty Fries. Let’s just say it was like love at first bite, the bun was so soft, the burger was delicious and the mac and cheese just gave it all kinds of cheesy goodness. I could have been cheesier, but the burger was a beaut there is just no denying that. I am told the Friend Chicken Burger was absolutely amazing, but I was too busy chowing down on mine that I declined to taste. So the actual mac and cheese was where I was a bit like ‘meh’ don’t get me wrong it was nice, but it lacked some flavouring. The boys were mega happy with it though, so maybe that’s just me!

For me the star of the show was the Sloppi Dirty Fries, I just looooooved the Kimchi sauce which I had never tried before. To give you a better idea of what was on the fries I’ve kindly borrowed the description from here ‘triple cooked fries covered in Tommi’s sloppi joe mince, topped with Kimchi sauce & spring onions. Served with Dirty Bones gravy.’ I loved it and so did the boys, they actually ended up finishing if for me because I was super stuffed! I think because it was something I'd never tried before, it really stuck out in my memory, that and it was bloody tasty.

The boys said they could have happily eaten the meal again, but I was stuffed, so we talked for a long arse time and were not made to feel like we had to leave (there wasn’t that many people around anyway). We didn’t order desert though, I’m not actually a person that really orders deserts in restaurants as I’m always SO full from my main, as was the case here.

Now I will say I think the reason I wasn’t uber impressed was because the food was like lukewarm, I dunno about you but I like my burgers like fresh from whatever cooking device. So I think that’s what made me feel ‘so so’ about everything, because for the most part the flavour was all there, but I feel like when food is hot it just tastes better. We had the most fantastic waitress though; she knew her stuff and was super friendly so overall I was super happy with the dining experience.

I’m pretty sure this Sunday might be the last Sunday, but it's also pretty unclear when it ends. But if you want a taste of the above, I say head down there sharpish just incase I am right!

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