Duty Free Shopping

19 September 2015

Aside from the excitement of being on holiday, I was really excited for my holiday because of duty free shopping in MAC! I had my list ready and was hoping to get my hands on a couple of bits. However they didn't stock the lipstick shade or highlighter colour that I wanted (I was in the Luton airport, so go figure). I did however end up with foundation that I wanted which is MAC's Studio Fix Power Plus Foundation.

I wear a liquid foundation at all times. I've tried a cream one from Sleek which I enjoyed but my preference really is liquid foundations for their ease of application. I think it Jackie Aina who said she used this MAC foundation as a touch up when she was on the go because it's a powder foundation.

I'm still yet to actually use this all over my face as a power foundation on its own, somehow I can't quite get my head around how it's suppose to work. I feel like a powder needs something to sit on. Also my face is too dark for all over use at the moment. Currently I use my Sleek CC cream (so happy to be using this up) in Dark and then use the powder in the center parts of my face. I picked this up in the shade NW46 and it works perfectly together to mimick the natural colour of my skin. I went to meet a friend for dinner last week and she said my skin looked so fresh and really I have the powder to thank, as I reapplied before I left!

The next thing I picked up was Fantasy by Britney Spears. I didn't think I'd actually got that much off the retail price,but as I've gone to link it I just realised I paid £5 less - so win! I didn't actually plan to buy any perfume but after following my friend around the perfume section, I realised that I didn't bring any perfume with me. So I quickly picked this one up.

I've loved this perfume for years but I've never owned it. Growing up I had loads of scents that I loved but perfume was just never a thing for me. When Aisling mentioned it in one of her favourites it went straight on my list to buy, but I just never got round to it. I used throughout my holiday obviously, but now that I'm back it's still the one that I'm reaching for. It's just so sweet and I love sweet scents. Reading post that are soley about perfume bores me because I just feel like nothing will really gives you an accurate description, unless you like know your scents. All I know is sweet or fruity or whatever. However as I've looked it up to link I've also come across the notes of the perfume. I won't pretend for a second I'm used to describing things in notes but for those that are interested:
Top Note: Lush red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi.
Middle Note: Delicious cupcake accord, jasmine petals and sexy white chocolate orchid.
Base Note: Creamy musk, enchanted orris root and sensual woods

I thought I'd throw this last purchase in, even though I didn't buy it in Duty Free. This I purchased from House of Fraser with a gift card I was given when I left my last job. I first heard about this perfume from Aisling and then I managed to get a sample in an order from Feel Unique last December and since then I was hooked. It smells SO good. Again it's another sweet scent, and if you click the link about you can find out the notes in the perfume. It's eye wateringly expensive but then I remembered I had the gift card and I was like "YES come to me!" I shall be using this sparingly so it last for ages because no, I am not a baller. 

So that's it for my recent purchases. I have to kerb my spending considering I've just booked to go to New York for my 25th birthday, so I need to pay it off and save for it, on top of my normal savings. But exciting times ahead. What bits have you picked up recently?

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