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16 January 2016

So I thought I’d kick of my first post in January with a mini haul! Although it is the middle of Jan, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more stuff because I can barely afford to feed myself! So I thought now would be the perfect time to do my ‘new in,’ which is just a couple of new things that I have purchased this month.

First up is skincare stuff, I’m really trying to make a big effort with my skin this year. This includes what goes in my body as well as what goes on my skin. I’m really trying to address the texture of my skin and its dehydration. 

Phytomer Resurfacing Peel - 50ml -  £20.50 (currently £18.45) - I really wanted a treatment that would address the texture of my skin and one that contained AHA's etc. I was just browsing Feel Unique and their treatment section and saw this. I bought it on sale and was under £20 so I just put it in my basket. I've already used it and it's a white cream like product, that is gritty. You rub it on damp skin and then leave it for 5 minutes and then gently massage into your skin or 1 minute and then rinse off. I hope this product works, I did find it a bit abrasive on my skin if I'm honest but I'm hoping it's not like that next time. I've heard of the brand Phytomer for some reason but I can't remember where, but I'll keep you guys updated on how I find it! 

L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew Super Serum - 30ml - £24.99 (currently £21.25) - I'm really into serums at the moment and I think it's because it's really transformed the state of my dehydrated skin. Thing is, I'm yet to find one that I just really love. I purchased the Ole Henriksen one that I've talked about here, in December but once that finished I decided I wanted to try something else. Again I was browsing Feel Unique and came across this. It's not actually targeted at my age range, but I feel that the skin issues it aims to target are the skin issues I want to address (reduce appearance of pores and improving the texture of skin). I haven't ever considered L'oreal for skincare but I thought I would just give it a try. I was quite surprised at the texture of the product, it's almost the same consistency of a mosturiser but it sinks in really well. I've only used it about 3 times, so I don't have much to say yet.

LA Girl Pro Concealers

I'm really bleh about my make-up about the moment and decided I wanted to start incorporating other steps and improving my skills. The one thing I really want to try sometimes is contouring and highlighting. I've contoured sometimes in the past, and have played around with some highlighters but I've never done it with concealers. I've seen the LA Girl Pro concealers everywhere and just had it in the back of my mind that I would pick it up at some point. Earlier this week I was just feeling bored and got myself on Ebay and ordered some. I also ended up getting the orange corrector as well, I've never really considered getting a corrector even though I do have darkness around my mouth but when Jackie Aine talked about this one I couldn't resist, considering how cheap these are! 

I purchased Dark Cocoa (£3.70), Fawn (£3.52) and the Orange Corrector (£3.70). I've tested out the orange corrector and it really is good for cancelling out darkness, I'm really happy I got this. I haven't played around with contour shade and highlight shade, although I have swatched it and Dark Cocoa seems to be to light to contour with. I did look up swatches online, but as it's so inexpensive, I don't mind. 

So that's my mini haul, I'm really excited to do something new with make-up and will keep you updated about the skincare bits.

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