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20 February 2017

Today I'm bringing a post that has been on the cards for a while, it's just taken me a long bloody time to write it. I'm going to be reviewing two Sunday Riley products on my blog, but today will just be part 1 which is the Luna Oil and then my next skincare post will be on the Sunday Riley Good Genes. I purchased them together as part of the Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit from Sephora but it's only available in the US, so my boyfriend kindly got this for me when he went in November. Lord knows I was not about to spend over £80 on one product but in this duo pack, I spent $85 and got to try them both and I'm so frikkin happy that I did. Within this pack you, get 15ml of the Luna Oil, the normal size is a 30ml oil which retails at £85.00.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil & Good Genes

I feel like Sunday Riley is a brand that took the online beauty world by storm but in the beginning, it was just recommended by loads of bloggers and vloggers without any actual knowledge about the product, what it does and what sort of skin type it was for. It was more 'hey, here's this really expensive oil and it's great.' So although I had my eye on it, I wasn't keen to run out and purchase it before I did some more digging. So I researched and I'm here to make this post as informative but light as possible. If you have any questions, just ask away in the comments! 

So the first thing I'll cover is what the oil actually is. Luna is marketed as a retinol product but it's actually a trans-retinol ester, which is sort of like the cousin to retinol. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A, but as far as I know retinol is a prescription only product. I'm pretty sure that as a teen I was prescribed something like it for my acne because my face peeled like crazy. So that's the thing that makes Luna so appealing to the people in the UK because you don't have to go to the doctor to get it. The retinol in Luna is housed in an oil to ensure that the side effects are not as severe as an actual retinol product. The best way of understanding how Luna works is to understand how retinol works. 

Basically, retinol is one of those 'it's gotta get bad before it gets good products' it will cause your skin to become irritated, dry and flaky all whilst paving the way for lovely new fresh skin. Vitamin A/Retinol:
  • Helps to fight wrinkles 
  • Is a great anti-ageing product
  • Helps to get rid of any acne or scarring 
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Will leave your skin DRY
So basically pure retinol can leave your skin looking a bit worse for wear for a bit, whilst the aim of Luna is to avoid all of that by being a nourishing oil. Luna also contains Blue Tansy Oil which is what the brand says gives it that blue colour however, this has been widely debated. The benefits of Blue Tansy is that it is soothing and calming so it helps to balance the harsh effects of the retinol ester. The aim of Luna is to do all the above and work as a retinol, but like I said above, without the harsh side effects. That said it is worth noting that the retinol ester doesn't have as many research studies that retinol has, with it being a recent discovery, so it's a tiny bit of a gamble using this. Luna is meant to help reduce pore size and improve the appearance of damaged skin. Two things I struggle majorly with, hence why I decided to get this. So what were my thoughts?

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil

My first thought on Luna was the smell, I can't even really explain it now because I am so used to it, but it smells like grass or dirt. I can't even properly remember but it smells earthy and honestly, I did not want to put it on my face. It's a blue oil and you'll need about 3-4 drops for your face and the best thing to do is to press it into your face. It sinks in within about 15minutes I'd say and usually, this is the last thing that goes on my face. As I purchased the duo it is recommended that you apply Luna first and then Good Genes, however loads of people have commented that this doesn't make sense because Good Genes will just sit on top of Luna because Luna is an oil. Nevertheless, I used it as recommended and wow, I was not prepared for how dry my skin would get! I have combination/oily skin but everywhere was parched. I actually ended up ordering Vitamin E products for my skin to combat the dryness. What this made me do was use one product or the other from the duo, until I was able to reach a good balance with my skin. After my skin settled a bit, I actually used it with Good Genes first and then Luna after. This has worked well for me and alongside the use of hydrating products, my skin isn't so dry. 

So smell and application aside, I can say that Luna performed very well. I have quite textured skin around my nose and cheeks and the oil has evened out my skin that it is noticeable to the eye! Over the past months, I have seen a huge difference and it's very promising. The removal of the top layer of skin has paved way for smooth plump skin and I couldn't be happier. I have been continuous with my use of Luna, aside from probably two weeks and a half when I stopped because I ran out of suncream and in the beginning with the aforementioned dryness. Other than that I have used Luna every other night and you need to be consistent when using Retinol and it will get bad before it gets good but after that, it evens itself out. Alongside with the Good Genes, I found that my face became more radiant, but out of the two, I feel that Luna is the most effective for me. I also barely notice my pores anymore! I use a number of products to combat this but since introducing Luna into my skincare, I've found I've had to do less work to reduce the size. With Luna helping to address two of my skincare issues, my final thought is 'GET THIS' I can genuinely say that I recommend this product 100%, except for if you have dry or sensitive skin. It's definitely going down in my skincare hero book! 

Despite my constant usage, I still have half of the product left! Although I gasped at the price tag for Luna it is well worth the money for the effects and value for money and I will definitely be purchasing the full sized bottle when I run out. I now have my eye on the UFO oil..! 

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil

Now I'm no scientist or skin expert so I do encourage you to do your own research. To start you off I will list the really informative ladies and sources who helped me decide. Stephanie Nicole on YouTube knows her stuff and this video 'The Science Behind Face Oils' is brilliant, Pixiwoo have a chat with Sunday Riley herself. Also use Beautypedia (although they think the oil is pants), Cult Beauty reviews and The Dermatology Review (great breakdown of ingredients).

So, final recommendation? Get it, your skin will thank you for it. Also, remember to use suncream you don't want to undo all that work by damaging your skin with those pesky sun rays.

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