Exploring London: August eats

4 September 2017

So as someone who spends a lot of her income on food (I don’t even want to find what % it is) I thought I’d share some of the places I’ve eaten in during August. Hopefully doing this series will force me to bring my DSLR more to get some quality pics. I don’t think I’ll be going down the route of reviewing places just yet, but I think my food choices are banging so I consider it a duty to share.

1. Zeytin Restaurant – Greenwich
Crossing the river in search of Turkish food on the recommendation from friends that this place is “so good”, led me to Zeytin, and I concur it was great. Four of us pitched up here and basically ordered everything on the menu. I went all out and ended up taking some chicken and lamb shish home because shish is too good to leave behind.

Zeytin Restaurant – Greenwich

Zeytin Restaurant – Greenwich
Zeytin Restaurant – Greenwich
Zeytin Restaurant – Greenwich

2. Bite Me Burger – Holborn
I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog, I probably have but it couldn’t hurt to mention it again – I LOVE BURGERS. Bite Me Burger does sliders, so mini burgers and the Holborn branch is in Cha Chann Teng, so if you wanted you could have Chinese food alongside your burger you can do that because they allow you to order from both menus. We went for the burgers and got two sliders between us and chips each. The chicken burger was my favourite and I would only back to there again to order four of them, I love chicken coated in buttermilk. The place also has an awesome bathroom, the walls are plastered with the artwork from an artist called Dain, you’ll also see it on a huge canvas when you walk in.

Bite Me Burger - Holborn

3. Tap on the Line – Kew
Before heading off to see the Hive at Kew Gardens (post coming next week), we had dinner at Tap on the Line. I stuck with my heart and got myself a burger, it was lovely and I’m glad because I waited ages for it! Sat in the cutest room though and this pub is lovely.

Tap on the Line - Kew

4. Mother Kelly’s  – Bethnal Green
So I didn’t actually eat anything here but it’s a cool taproom that has a huge selection of beers and has a great atmosphere both inside and out and the staff are friendly as well as helpful.

Mother Kelly's - Bethnal Green

5. Coqfighter – Shoreditch
After reading @LDNBestBurgers’ tweet about the best chicken they’ve tried I had to try it myself. So the day after National Burger Day (yep I didn’t eat a burger on Burger Day) I made my way over to Boxpark to try it. It was a divine moment and an excellent burger, I even spoke with two guys about it who told me it was the best burger ever too. The wings were gorgeous too. The chips are nice although it had way too much paprika. I can only be thankful that I don’t live close by because I would have this burger every day. It closely rivals my fav chicken burger from Stax Diner.

Coqfighter Boxpark Shoreditch
Coqfighter Boxpark Shoreditch

Can’t wait for the end of September to see where else I’ve burned my money. Happy eating!

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