Exploring London: The Cheese Bar, Camden

5 March 2018

During March I went along with a friend to The Cheese Bar in Camden. Despite living in Camden I'd never heard of this place but I really enjoyed it there. I still need to go back and get myself a toastie. But until I do I thought I'd share some photos from The Cheese Bar and my trip inside Camden's market. Living there means I barely ever go there because it's always rammed but it's so nice to wander around like I did when I was a teenager. The Cheese Bar was full when we dropped by, but we left our number with them and about 30mins later they gave us a text. The service was wonderful and I loved the atmosphere. They have a huge table that you can sit on or the bar. We sat at the bar next to the kitchen and it was the perfect spot in my opinion!

Fondue and smoked sausage (I recommend this SO much) and mozzarella sticks and Mariana sauce (again I thoroughly recommend this) 

Four Cheese Rotella Pasta, Blue Cheese Raclette and Cheesy Truffle Chips (the chips are the best - get it!)

It's right next to Voodoo Rays in Camden. 

After we stuffed our faces we went a couple of doors Pamban Chai & Coffee House. It was such a good idea, we had walked past it earlier and I love myself a dirty chai so I kept it in mind, we sat down for a drink in there and my chai tea was so nice. I'd love to go back and try the food and more drinks from there. In fact, I should, considering it's basically on my doorstep!

I was a little hungover that day but the food and chai sorted me right out. Here are some other pictures I took on the day. Instead of sticking my camera in creative auto I had it on my previous setting for indoor and so it made all my photos quite dark but I thought I'd still share them as I like how some of them turned out.

It's a shame I've started to use my camera more for filming and not taking photos so I'm always super rusty when I do, but I thought I'd take it out that particular Sunday to grab some snaps. I'm still learning my way through photography and Lightroom so hopefully I can bring some more exciting photos to my blog. Until then though - go and visit The Cheese Bar, you won't be disappointed! 

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