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20 June 2018

So, I’m doing my Italy posts in a kind of backwards way (you’ll see what I mean next week). I didn’t want the last post to be too crammed with pictures and that means I can show you more of the place we stayed in this week. Really the last post should have had this title but oh well! Next week I will actually be showing you more of Tuscany as well as Sienna! If you’ve arrived here because you’ve searched for Vitabella Toscana then check out my previous post for pictures of the inside of La Ginestra.

So this post will be relatively short and sweet but I wanted to share our last day and one of the best features of the place - the pool!

Our last day was our rest day and it was also a Sunday so it just felt fitting! The weather was lovely AND the best thing was there wasn't a soul around! People were staying in other apartments as we'd seen people during our stay but we had the whole pool to ourselves! It was fantastic. I have to now admit that I have a thing with pools where I don't actually get in. I can swim, but, I hate freezing cold water and no matter how hard I try I can push myself through the discomfort to be able to swim. Plus I don't even like swimming that much! So my preferences is always to sit on a sunlounger underneath an umbrella with a good book and a drink!

After much photo taking, video editing and reading we were peckish so I whipped up this Pinterest recipe. It's a lovely veggie recipe and if you love mushrooms you will love this. We headed back to our apartment and sat on the terrace soaking in the view for the last time during the day.

After this it was back for more pool time, by then the sun was going down but it meant we managed to get some fantastic shots. 

Then it was time for our final dinner before we headed back to Rome the next day and to the airport. I made a spicy sauce pasta dish and it was delicious but basically enough to feed four people!!

I love doing these posts as I'm able to look back at all the awesome things I get to do with my life. It's so easy to forget sometimes the lovely things you get to do when you're caught up in everything else. I hope you're enjoying these posts and definitely give Vitabella Toscana a chance if you're looking to stay in Tuscany. 

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