Exploring London: Mayfields Lavender Farm

9 July 2018

Last weekend I had the absolute joy of visiting the lavender fields in Surrey. We’ve been having such wonderful weather in the UK and it was perfect on this Sunday. I basically got to prance around in a sea of my favourite colour, in the sun and with great company. 

Lavender isn’t actually one of my favourite smells, I like it but as a scent that’s meant to be calming I find it really overwhelming so I was slightly worried I was going to feel inundated with the scent but nope, I would just be hit with waves of lavender every 30 seconds or so and it was so refreshing. They have fields and fields of it (as you'd expect) in Mayfield and even though there are loads of people around you can still get a fantastic shot with no one in it. 

Entry is £2 and you can drive or take public transport there, although with it being absolutely miles from me all the way in north London I wouldn’t even know how you get there by public transport! They have on-site parking so that’s handy! 

Although I’m looking all nice and serene in these photos I was deadly scared of the bees! There weren’t as many as I thought there would be but still one too many! Of course, I had to get stung by one! I’m 100% sure I did, I still have the bump on my leg, but hey ho I’m alive! So aside from bugs, you’ll have a great time! There’s a cafĂ© in the middle which you can get some lavender flavoured drinks and foods and then there’s a shop further down where you can buy all lavender related things. I had to purchase some lavender but there was also lavender oil, lavender tea, lavender candles basically the lavender ensemble can be found here!

If you’re looking for something to do this summer I would definitely recommend this. Plus it’s nice to get out of London sometimes (or just on the border).

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