Exploring Scotland: The Japanese Gardens

9 August 2021

I love finding out about a beautiful place and the Japanese Garden at Cowden is no exception. I’m not sure how I found out about it, which annoys me but I’m really happy I found out about it. Residing in Dollar, Clackmannanshire, The Japanese Garden has a really simple history behind it, in the 20th century inspired by a recent trip she had taken, Scottish adventurer Ella Christie decided to build a Japanese Garden. She enlisted the help of a female design, Taki Handa, and the result was a seven-acre site on the grounds of Cowden Castle. As a result, the garden is the first and only garden of its size to be designed by a woman. You can find out so much about the history and more recent happenings of the garden by visiting the website. 

There are several parts to The Japanese Garden, the garden itself, The Christie Walk, The Woodland Walk and The Lime Tree Avenue Walk. We visited The Woodland Walk and The Christie Walk (I think), I can recall seeing The Lime Tree Walk. The Woodland Walk is lovely and we visited this after we had some tea and scones at the tea room, so you’ll see those photos last. Lastly, I’ll say they do a range of different events at the venue even if you’re not interested in The Japanese Garden itself, I saw a flyer for a Japanese BBQ and their website states they run a primal bushcraft survival skills course. Both events sound great if you’re near the area and fancy something different. 

We headed for a light lunch in the cafe after this - I would definitely recommend getting some scones :) After that we headed for the Woodland Walk, it was short but lovely. It's incredibly atmospheric with all the tall trees. There are also activities for children to do, such as a treasure hunt and building dens, so cute. 

So that was my trip to The Japanese Gardens and it's a visit I would highly recommend! Especially if you can book it on a day when the sun is shining. 

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for places for me to visit in Scotland. My next post will be on The Devil's Pulpit!

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