i'd serve you drugs on a silver plate

10 September 2009

I'm downlading Daisy as I write. I should be a good fan & buy the music but I can't wait to hear this and well broke times for a student! I did however buy tickets for their gig in Wembley next year January :D I'm SO excited for it. Brand New are like my second favourite band. I hope The Spill Canvas do a gig sometime soon =( They are my fav band in the entire worldd. aah music.
song: at the bottom - brand new

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  1. My friend absolutely adores this song.

    Yay, you're coming to Brum! Are you moving here for uni? I'm going back to Uni for my masters in a few weeks.

    I see that I'm on your link list, I'm adding you right back!


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