African street style.

8 September 2009

Not to be a total thief but this post inspired me so much, I have to repost it to but here's the actual post just in case. The post is about African Street style and the girl writes
"Stockholm. Paris. London. New York. Helsinki. Milan. Tokyo.

These seem to be to go-to places when it comes to "street-style" and what's hot in general on most fashion blogs, but I just wanted to share some of the street-style you'll find on the African continent. Most of these were taken by Chris Saunders, a South African based photographer whose made it a point to capture the emerging style of South African youth. South African street style is rarely sleek and chic - it's irreverent, vibrant and daring. It mixes patterns and textures, with echoes of mid 70s style (and just a splash of "geek chic"). "

I'm gonna post a handful of pictures that I like the most from it :

These are pieces from a company named Vlisco based in Holland but with traditional West African wax print fabric.

These are from a company called Sika (means money in Ghanian)

I love these pieces, maybe I'm biased because I'm Ghanian but they're so cute!
These next pieces are from a Kenya by a company called Suno

The next two pics is the original poster and pieces she made

This post was so inspirational. I mean I'm not very in touch with my African side or anything but it's nice to see someone who is, taking the time to show the world this. I love the internet and looking at different things so I'm glad I came across this!

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