i'm not dead.

1 October 2009

I'm alive and in Birmingham with no working laptop! But uni is certainly fun, I can't wait to get sorted and be able to blog again. Just wanted to update for whoever may read this! Freshers weeks is certainly entertaining :D


  1. how's birmingham? better than LDN? ;>

  2. haha yeah. maybe im going to send you the boot XD i doubt that anyone would pay for it lol.
    awww i dont know anything about birmingham, so a visit would be great ;>
    but first of all YOU need to check out birmingham downtown to show me around then :)
    do you have your own flat over there?

    btw, getting drunk with you may be fun. lol.

  3. massive shopping center sounds good :D
    but i just saw that a flight from here to birmingham is thrice! more expensive than from here to london. strange.


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