in londonnnnnnn.

25 October 2009

I am slacking but I've only just got the CD for my laptop in an attempt to make it work. I came down from Birmingham for the weekend to see my family and friends. Mostly friends and I've had such a good weekend. I have some serious money issues going on but they're all sorted now, so now I really will be living on a budget like all students! I have some nice goodies to post about but I really don't know how I'll get round to it. I was meant to be getting a new laptop but with the lack of money I can't afford it and my laptop is still being weird, soo hmm. Anywaaay, just wanted to update to show I'm still out theree. These pictures actually represent my life in the past four weeks. You meet so many people and get influenced by so many people, it's fun & exhausting but I just feel totally free there. I did get a bit homesick at the beginning of this week but I'm ready to go back! :)

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