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21 November 2009

I'm in essex visting a friend. She's out at the moment horse riding and I was too lazy to move but thankfully because I saw the vera wang advert. I don't watch much TV and since being at uni I haven't watched any but this advert made me happy. I love zoe kravitz, she's such a beauty.
If you haven't seen it :

Also how skinny does Lady Gaga look in videophone? I have this thing with beyonce's album, I didn't like it when it first came out but then when they do the video and the songs constantly play I start to like the songs. Hmm, influence. Also liking Lady Gaga telephone with beyonce in it, i'm looking forward to the video.
Going to be a messy night tonight. Thursday was a good night in brum, went gay clubbing so much fun fun fun :)


  1. haa...i live in essex! its pretty epic even though if its a bit chavvy :)
    ooh i love perfume ads. zoe kravitz looks gorgeous.
    have fun!

  2. I agree, Gaga does look rail thin in the videophone video. That could also be in part with special effects.

    And thanks for the inspirational quotes!


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