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9 November 2009

boring boring boring (fridays outfit).
I need to upload pictures of my weekend!

Look at my newest beauty:

I can't wait until it arrives! I'm also hoping I will catch the re-delivery of my healthy eating cookbook. They give you the smallest letter boxes in my accomodation and they don't hold parcels for you so if you miss it you have to go collect it and it's a frikken 25min walk, I wouldn't know how to get their by bus seeing as I know nothing about the buses here.
I've spent too much money this week...and it's only monday. I'm yet to spend more because I need to get my hair done, sigh.


  1. Nice camera! Looking forward to checking out some of your future shots!

    Ahh I am so bad at telling people where to go in Brum! But...clubs wise there are lots. It depends what you like and personally, I rarely go to oceana and meechu but I tend to go to Indie/Rock type clubs so...Subway city on a tues is 90s night, Fridays is either Ressurection (Indie/Electro) or Anarchy (Rock) there is also Propaganda (Indie) at the O2 on Fridays or Subculture (Rock) on the Saturdays. There is also Snobs which is mostly Indie. I've heard that 'Too Cool' (Mix of everything)every tues at Bar Red is meant to be good but it's a new club night so not too sure about that one.

    Have you been to any of the above?

    Shopping-wise, all you really have is the bullring, There is the custard factory who do the weekly flea market and the massaive vintage fair which is going to be there in a few weeks. Custard factory should be wicked once the renovation is complete, hopefully get a lot more independent shops down there.

    Speaking of the custard factory, they have some great nights there too and have some really varied nights ranging from dance/dubstep etc. The rainbow pub round the corner always have some amazing nights too!

    Hopefully these can get you started! xx

  2. That is such an amazing camera!

    i currently have a discount code on my blog for, a gorgeous jewellery site, so feel free to check out my blog for the code :)


  3. Nice camera score! I can't wait to see how the pictures come out.


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