lack of time.

29 December 2010

between Christmas and boxing day and spending time with the family and spending time with my friends and revising and playing excessive amounts of sims3 and reading, I haven't had time for the internet! I go back to Birmingham on New Years Day, in the evening though as I have work on Sunday and on Friday it's pay day which means I'm getting my camera. I may get it in London or just wait until I come back to Brum either way, I'm excited to blog again properly! I hope every had a lovely Christmas! What did you guys get? I got some wonderful gifts that I will probably take pictures of soon. I hope everyone has a wonderful new year no matter what they do. I don't find new years as excitable as everyone does so I haven't actually got anything planned! But certainly expect a pick up in my blog in Jaunary, althoughI do have exams until the 20th so proper blogging will not resume until then!

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