the new year.

2 January 2011

Happy New Year Bloggers. I am now back in Birmingham. I found out next week saturday is my last day of work. Whilst I'm glad, I'll have to look for a new job after my exams because I want to do a lot this summer! How was everyones new year? I spent mine at home chilling playing the sims3. It sounds lame but it's the first new year I've actually done what I wanted and been happy about it. So I certainly enjoyed my new year. I never do new years resolution because I am a grinch when it comes to new years but I have a couple of things I certainly want to improve on this year.

1) Be a better blogger.
By this I mean I want to put more effort into my posts, I always have ideas in my head of what they should look like but I'm always too lazy to actually type up the content that I actually want to write. So I aim to make you read tons of shit this year :)

2) Eat healthily and be healthy in general.
This is major because it will make me feel less tired and improve my skin, I'm not very interested in eating veggies but I love fruit so I'm sure I can find a perfect balance! Also I'm proud of myself because I am no longer a smoker (well I do have the occassional cigarette) I also want to cut down on my drinking, well my binge drinking antics. I want my body to feel good so I want to cut out everything that make me feel like crap, so I can have energy.

3) Be out of debt & save money
Yes, I need to save of course, I spend money ridiculously but I've almost completed my list of things I want so it shall be savings after I get my passport and camera!

4) Learn how to drive
I've been putting this off for too long and it's a good skill to have, so I need to stop being lazy and scared and sort my self out! Also it'd be nice to have my provisional be useful for something else other than ID.

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