All in white!

29 April 2011

Safe to say I love my Birthday dress!
Saves me shopping around and getting stressed. I hope I don't jinx myself on the night and spill anything on me, I don't usually but because I'm wearing white I fear for the worst.

Is everyone watching the wedding?
I woke up and caught the part where they said 'i do' etc.
What a wonderful dress. Sarah Burton from McQueen, lovely!
Then turned the telly off!
Although my tweets are telling me I've missed the kiss. Not too gutted I have to say!

I should do revision but I'm really not in the best mood, hoping a bath will sort that out!
Have a lovely day everyone :) 

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  1. Such a lovely white dress! I actually watched the whole wedding and it was amazing! The dress was stunning on Kate! xoxooo


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