Paprika Dress!

25 April 2011

As I have been stalking the ASOS website because my brother was placing an order, I came across this Paprika Dress in my search for a birthday dress.

I think it's so cute and it isn't anything I've seen on anyone I know, so I really wanted it. Paprika also seem to have some other really cute stuff. Also my brother wanted to get free delivery so he let me choose a dress. AND if I like it, it will be my present. 
I hope I actually like it when it comes, I never wear white so this will be interesting. 
If this isn't a fit then my search for a dress continues.

Hope everyone enjoys their Bank Holiday Monday!
I'll be writing essays, hahah :(

Ciao xx


  1. Gorgeous dress, I love the bow!

  2. Aw your bro sounds generous. I agree with Kristabel, the bow is such a cute touch! I hope you like it when it arrives :)


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