Hello from Milan! pt 1.

1 September 2011

My blogging has been abysmal but I'm all settled in my new place in Milan. Been having language classes, that I've decided to give a miss today simply because I have so much I need to sort out and I need to do it before I go mad. I have pictures to show anyway - clearly there are loads so I will split them up just so it's easier to view!

my friend is an absolute coffee fiend so of course she headed here first when we got into a supermarket.

lol at how much of a tourist I look like. 


  1. Awesome! Are you there just for language study or is it a study abroad thing? Looking forward to more Italy pictures! :)

  2. Stella - thank you!
    Marisa - I'm doing a study abroad, I don't speak Italian at all, I'm a business student just doing an exchange :)


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