Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation Review + Photo Finish Primer

11 March 2014

So about two weeks ago I went off in search for a new foundation. My MAC was too light for me and I just wanted a better one than my Sleek one, I also wanted an oil free foundation. After watching Lisa Eldridge’s foundation series, I thought I would try Revlon Color Stay, so I headed off to Marble Arch Superdrug and Boots to see if they would have my colour. No such luck! However the new Boots that has opened up in Marble Arch had a Smashbox stand and I thought I’d just browse and had one of the lovely assistants come up to me. I told her what I was looking for and my skin type and she recommended me this foundation: 

 When she applied it on I thought, 'bloody hell she is applying a lot' but now after using it I see that it felt like a lot because the pump emits the smallest amount. Anyway in the store it looked wonderful but I was sceptical because of the bright lighting in store. I purchased the Liquid Halo HD Foundation (oil free) at £27 something, and came home to look at it properly. I even rubbed off half my face and got my friend to look at the difference to see if it was worth keeping. She said yes, so you know three opinions on the foundation were good enough for me to keep it and try it. Plus I was going out that night so I whipped it out of the box to try it. 

 I didn’t see a point in swatching it on my hand because my hands are several shades lighter than my face. I’ve ummed and ahhed about this foundation for a bit since wearing it over the past couple of weeks. I think the main thing is; I’m used to feeling foundation on my skin and with this I felt like it was barely there! Although this is a good thing (very good) it was weird for me, I had to keep looking in the mirror to check that I had actually applied some to my face! It was only 3 days ago that I looked again at the bottle and realised it was a HD foundation. After my lusting for Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover foundation I was so shocked at myself for not noticing. I don’t know if the HD factor is the reason for its soft like feeling on the skin but whatever it is I certainly like it!

 Overall I really like this foundation. I don’t wear foundation on a day to day basis but I feel like it is an all purpose foundation for me simply because, on day to day occasions I can wear it when my skin looks rough and it doesn’t look try hard. But then for special occasions I can build it up for the occasion. The foundation is medium to full coverage and is a 30ml bottle. I also love how much of a perfect match this is for my skin tone; I have never had a foundation that suits my face colour and neck so well. It is also a 16 hour wear foundation. 

 I also received a sample of their primer with my purchase, as she put that on my face before doing applying the foundation. This is the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (again oil free).

 I love this primer! Now that I have tried this one, I really don’t think I can bear to put my foundation on without it, I have tried this foundation without the primer and I didn’t feel it looked as great and my T-Zone got oiler very quickly. So next thing to purchase and weep about is the primer. I also received some samples of their new eye shadow palette, but of course I’ve misplaced that! I am looking forward to trying more from Smashbox though because I’ve generally heard many good things about them.

 Have you ever tried anything from Smashbox? What other thing should I try?

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