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11 July 2014

Happy Friday everyone! I have some clothes to share and good news. So nearly a year on from graduating I have finally managed to bag myself a job as a marketing assistant. I am incredibly happy because it’s the position I was searching for and just means the beginning of my career.

I’ve kept quite hush about it until it was all finalised BUT it was a great week when I passed my driving test and got a job, I feel like I finally have something to show for all the work I’ve done the past 9 months! Although I do have to say, who honestly thinks it’s a good idea to let me loose on the roads of London?!

So of course a new job means new clothes! I’ve probably bought about 5 pieces of clothes this year, yes that's the truth. I told myself I wouldn’t purchase anything new until I lost weight, but considering that has been the slowest journey ever, it meant no clothes. Which is a good thing because I was pretty much broke a lot of the time. But now, of course, I need a work wardrobe. My dress code is smart casual, which basically means don't come looking like a tramp. We're allowed to wear trainers and whatnot so it's not strict at all. So I’ve gone hunting and oh man here are just some of the things/styles I am loving.

Work Wardrobe

(Click on the little pictures to go straight to where they are from)
Have you got any pieces that are staples in your work wardrobe? I'd love to hear them.

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