MAC Heroine Review

28 July 2014

So on abut two weeks ago I made my first MAC lipstick purchase. I’ve never actually been drawn to purchase one, but when a friend mentioned she wanted one for her birthday, I saw it as an opportunity to get myself one (duh). Instead of picking a nice muted shade I opted for 'Heroine.' I swatched it when my friend and I went to Selfridges to make our own magnums (so frikkin good) and fell in love. I originally wanted to try out 'Pure Heroine' from Lorde's collection because it’s a deep deep purple and darker shades are my thing, but it wasn’t there. Instead I was drawn to this beauty and once I had swatched this, tried it on and got my friends opinion, I was sold. I actually remember reading about Heroine being a permanent shade a while back, but it never caught my eye or anything when that was happening.

Heroine is a matte purple lipstick, I’m not even going to try and write about blue tones or what not because I know nothing about that It’s described as a bright purple lipstick, but it’s not that bright which is what makes it work. None of my pictures seemed to do it justice, but hey I tried! I could go on all day about the colour but I mean you can see it is a fantastic shade of purple and for me purple can do no wrong. Purple is also my favourite colour so for me this gem is all round certified goodness.

I wore it out on a Saturday night and I was so happy with the colour and staying power! As I mentioned before the finish is matte, but it is still hydrating and doesn’t seep into lines. The pigmentation of this is incredible, what you see is what you get on your lips. The staying power on this is ridiculously good – it last all night and survived my cleansing oil; albeit it was faded it was still there.

I could rave all day about the lipsticks but I’m sure none of you are as late as me when it comes to MAC lipsticks, so you’ll know how great the formula is. As for me I know I’ll definitely pick up another lipstick soon, but right now I don’t have any particular shade in mind but it won’t take me long!

What are your favourite lipsticks from MAC?

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