EATS: DF Mexico & The Diner

14 September 2014

So thanks to Lily I had to go and try out DF Mexico. I'm not really a fan of Mexican food (something that seems to shock everyone), my past experiences have just left me feeling very full and bleh (I'm looking at you Chiquitos)  and honestly, I just feel it's the same food packaged differently. I don't like churros either. Just no. That said I frikkin love nachos. Seriously I will eat them all day, every day.

Anyway fear not I don't hate all Mexican food. I'm actually a huge fan of Wahaca, granted I've only been there twice but I really really like it. If you haven't been it's basically marketed as Mexican street food, I wouldn't know if that's true as I've never been to Mexico, but it's good. Some of the dishes are a bit like tapas, so you end up with a variety of light flavourful dishes.

So after Lily's vlog I looked at the menu for DF Mexico I was excited. Everything looked so bloody good! I did a little further research and saw that DF Mexico (DF stand for Distrito Federal because I know how much it bugged me that I didn't know what the stood for) and Wahaca were owned by the same group and I was like yup I AM GOING THERE and so I did on Friday. I'm not a food reviewer and I'm not even going to try and act like one. But here are pictures of how frikkin glorious the food was, I actually didn't manage to take a lot because I was hungrrrrrrrrry. I had soup that day at like 1pm and we didn't eat until 8pm!

I had the Chilli Beef Torta, which was nice but didn't blow me away! We also had the beef nachos to share and oh man, they were absolutely amazing. I want to have them again and again.

DFrozen Margaritas Passion Fruit

The star of the show that is Beef Nachos

Bad Boy Burrito with Chilli Fries

Chilli Beef Torta with Chipotle Mayo.

Not the best pictures, but I tried. I'm looking forward to going back and having the nachos again, but I also really want to try the DIY Mexican Boards.

I did more research after (I like to know my stuff okay) and it really hasn't been open for long, my guess is like 3 months? It's also meant to be cheaper than Wahaca, so wahey! Not that I found Wahaca to be incredibly expensive but who doesn't like cheaper? Our meal came to like £35 something with drinks. Absolute bargain! The staff were lovely, the atmosphere was lovely AND whoever runs their twitter account is an absolute champ - so hilarious.

Bonus photos include lunch at the Diner on Saturday. Anyone who knows me knows I just love their chilli cheese fries. So I in addition to my earlier statement, I could eat that, and nachos all day every day.

 Yes I did order that all for me. I was feeling sorry for myself. I took the rest home in a doggie bag!

Some sort of BBQ chicken burger thing. Meh. Despite my love of The Diner, I can never recommend their burgers! 


And now I return back to veggies and fruit for the week...until next weekend that is!

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