The lust, save and get list

10 September 2014

So obviously I love myself a wish list but let’s be realistic here – most of them get forgotten about after a week. So in order to avoid this and get the pieces I really want, I am creating the lust list I guess. Things that I am lusting after, but with good saving and budgeting on my part I can have.

Sorry I don't have better pictures of them but you can view them here & here

I have to blame itslinamar for this one. After seeing them on her channel I was like 'MY PRETTYY'.

I remember seeing the Liberty x Nike trainers floating around this year and they never really interested me. But these babies I love because of how sleek these are unlike the regular Air Max's. I don't really wear trainers too much, I had a couple of pairs during secondary school and then I just never wore them. I now have one pair of trainers (which I love) but it's getting well past it's time. I'm really picky about trainers because I think a lot of them look garish, so when I saw these I practically breathed a sigh of relief. I love that they are black and white, but like I said before not as thick as the regular Air Max's. They are just so frikkin simple, they can just be worn with everything (or near enough). I will cry if I get them and they don't suit me.

So in addition to this, I am building up a list with things that are on the pricer side (I'm totally not used to paying this much for shoes, except running trainers), but are bits that I dearly want, so look out for similar posts in the coming months! 

What your must-have lust item?

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