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31 December 2014

So I know everyone is talking New Year plans or post round ups, but before I signed off for 2014 I wanted to share an update on the YouTube channel I talked about before.  First things first, it exists. Me friend Nettie and I did sit down and film a video, but I might have stupidly not transferred the close up shots from her memory card to my laptop, so editing is still in progress for that! 

In the meantime, I threw caution to the wind, and filmed a video of me unboxing my secret santa gift. All is explained in the video, so if you want to hear me talking at the speed of light (I only do so for the first minute) then click below!

And before I forget Happy New Year :) Wishing you all a wonderful time tonight, be safe and enjoy whatever you do :) xxx

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  1. Youre so much more chatty than I expected! Love actually hearing the voice of the person behind the blog :)

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  2. Ahh I natter so much in real like, always going off on tangents! Haha same I'm always so intrigued to hear what people sound like! Thank you for watching xx


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