Urban Decay De-Slick Review

15 May 2015

I don't think I have that much of an issue with my make-up staying on my face, if I leave it untouched. It more to do with the fact that, I'm either swiping away at my face forgetting that I'd gotten up early AND sacrificed sleep to put make-up on,  or blowing my nose so much because hay fever wants to ruin my life. Aside from that my make-up sort of seems to stay put. However, I want more. I want it to be guaranteed that my hard work in the morning is going to stay put. And because quite frankly I'm bloody tired of looking into my mirror and seeing oil everywhere like I haven't washed my face in days.

So I've stepped it up a notch, I've decided to set my make-up into my face so that it doesn't budge. At first I looked into powders but then I remembered setting sprays. I’ve heard the term setting spray thrown around in blogs and YouTube videos, specifically Urban Decay’s De-Slick and All Nighter. So I headed there first. I thought about getting the All Nighter but in the end decided to pick something was catered for my skin type.

UD state: Meet your most powerful oil-control ally. Urban Decay's De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray mists on weightlessly to help prevent makeup meltdown as it controls oil, deflects surface shine and keeps skin looking beautifully matte. High-tech formula helps keep foundation, shadow and blush from smudging, sliding or fading—so you hardly ever need to touch up. Your makeup will look just-applied for hours (even if it’s not). I bloody agree with them, I don’t know what magic they have put in here but it’s amazing. I tweeted about this and a friend responded saying she loved it but it broke her out after a while. I’m really hoping this does not happen to me. I’ve bought the travel size version because I just wanted to trial it, and well I kinda like the dinky size it is great for you know travelling. 

I BLOODY LOVE THIS STUFF. I’ve worn it about 7 times and I’ve just seen amazing results with it everytime time. I don’t wear foundation every day, so I’ve only used this on days when I’ve wanted my make-up, which also means not wanting oil to show through so easily. So for me this has been a saving grace. I’ve always looked into the mirror expecting to see oil everywhere but with this product I do not look like an oily mess. I barely have to powder when I have this one. If I do I’m powdering like 8 hours later.

I spritz this stuff on in the morning after I’ve powdered, added blush and done my mascara. It is the last step in my routine and then I’m off to work. I would recommend this to all my oily skinned ladies! For other skin types perhaps All Nighter would be great.

So good points:
- Controls oil
- Keeps make-up in place
- Kinda price friendly

Are there any setting sprays that you swear by? Are there any Urban Decay products that you swear by too? I'm really excited to try more by them.

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