Exploring the UK: A trip to York, England.

2 October 2017

I’m back with another trip – this time to York. We arrived at Kings Cross, had a lovely breakfast on the train before arriving into York at around lunchtime.

We dropped our bags off at the hotel and heading off to explore what York had to offer. Truth be told I didn’t really know what to expect of York but it was filled with the most wonderful looking cafes and we basically kept stopping for cake and baked goods in most cafes. We spent most of our time on the first day walking the city walls, York has miles of walls that are still intact from the Roman times so it was good to follow them and explore York that way.

Next was Shambles Market and this is apparently where J.K got her inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books. After we visited was York Minster, however, we didn’t do the tour inside, we just walked around it and saw the lovely gardens surrounding it.

We continued walking along the city walls before having a beer and a late lunch in Sutler’s Bar and Kitchen. They had all sorts of craft beers, fruit beers (my fav) and a great menu. I went for this meatball chips concoction and it was so good – it’s exactly the type of thing I’d make at home! After food we headed back to our wonderful hotel, I will share pictures of it in my next post as I absolutely loved the place! So, after a nap and a bath, we headed out to one of the dinner places I’d looked up and ate some yummy French food and headed on out for more beers at The House of Trembling Madness - a cute place with rows and rows of beer for purchase on the ground floor and a cosy pub on top. 

The next day involved brunch at the best cafe ever, yes ever. It was SO tasty even though I was attacked by one stubborn wasp.

I think the brunch was actually the highlight of my trip, it was just that good! After this there were more strolls along the city walls, a train museum and then some more beers at the York Tap before catching our train home. 

In my next post I'll talk all about where we stayed - it was so frikkin lovely!

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