Exploring Italy: Rome

28 May 2018

Can you believe my last holiday before this was in October? It feels like such a long time ago, but it really isn’t! I didn’t plan on going on any holidays until towards the end of the year but who can resist a good old holiday when a friend asks?

I seem to be in the habit of revisiting old places, Amsterdam last year for example, which I love, it’s nice going to the same place twice because you can take in so much more than you did the first time. You can slow down and really enjoy the place you're in without the rush of having to see everything.  The place I revisited was Rome, I went in 2016 and thought it was lovely. It’s such a romantic city and there is just something about the air there. I love that it has a lot of history too, although I do like telling people that any rock can basically be classified as a ruin.

We were only really in Rome for one full day, our flight was changed on the way there due to Italian airport staff striking and then we drove to Tuscany on the 3rd day.

The main things we did were going to The Colosseum (it was my second time there and I still found it so fascinating), see the Pantheon and visit Trevi Fountain. I also got to take the funniest picture of a couple (they asked) at The Colosseum, it made the whole experience for me! It’s such an astounding Amphitheatre and I love reading about everything that went on. The Trevi Fountain is always a treat to see, I always get Olsen twin vibes from watching their shows when I was younger. One thing I’m gutted about is that I didn’t rent a Vespa! However, I would have been so nervous riding it in the city.

I had a lovely time in Rome the only thing was that it rained so heavily during the evenings! I’m not a party girl anyway, so I was happy being tucked up in a restaurant or a bar, but it was not what you’re expecting when you leave London to go elsewhere! The weather during the day was great though. On the last day, we visited the ever so popular Bonci for some pizza! It was good but I’d say the arancini was miles better!

Bonci Pizzeria Rome

Bonci Pizzeria Rome

Bonci Pizzeria Rome

After what felt like a fleeting visit we took ourselves back to the airport to get our hire car and start the second part of our holiday and I’ll be sharing pictures of the best place ever (yes, I mean this) in my next post! Until then arrivederci amici. Enjoy the bank holiday if you’re in the UK!
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